Tomato and Scallion Quesadillas


These quesadillas are a product of what’s happening in my garden now.  I know most people have a zucchini invasion in their gardens at the moment.  I, however, have an onslaught of cherry tomatoes to eat on a daily basis which I rather enjoy. This is  a light, quick, and seasonal home-grown lunch that can be […]

Black Bean and Veggie Burritos

Burrito (2)

Ok, Confession time: I haven’t been out of the house without my children since I turned thirty.   Well, really since Max was born.   He’s now two years old.   I went out for a couple of hours once to try to enjoy myself, but, I worried the entire time and ran back home […]

Wrapped: Southwest Style Vegetables with Summer Salsa.

Southwest Grilled Veggie Wrap

    Summer is not my favorite season. There’s humidity and bugs and sunburn and bathing suits. Really, who’s a fan of those things? Summer does have some redeeming qualities, though, particularly when it comes to vegetarian cuisine and grilling. This particular dish is a definite highlight of my summer. I sometimes do this on the […]