Baked Spring Ratatouille

Baked Spring Ratatouille-2

  Why should summer have all the fun?  There are many perfectly wonderful vegetables in spring that can be combined to make a beautiful rendition of ratatouille.  This is one of those dishes where you go to the farmers’ market and you just look around to see what your ingredients will be.  If it’s nearly […]

Spiders, School, Peppadews, and Farmer’s Market Nachos

Farmer's Market Nachos

  Before I talk about these awesome nachos, I want to discuss with you something very important involving spiders.  So hold your appetite for one more minute and be patient with me. Do you have an official spider killer in your house?  I’m not exactly sure how I became the official spider killer since I […]

Sweet and Mild Pineapple Corn Tomato Salsa

sweet corn pineapple salsa

It’s taco night!  This is widely celebrated with countless requests of specialty sides and toppings.  I usually make three different fillings and two types of salsa along with some side dishes.  It’s the meal that feeds for two days without a single complaint from anyone, which makes it all worth it.  We call this “kid […]

Black Bean Burgers


  After I finish this last chapter of my current summer reading, I will return to the present day and enjoy family and music, snow cones and popcorn then head home where we grill up these burgers I’ve made countless times in countless ways: Dried beans or canned, sweet or hot peppers or perhaps both, […]

Peperonata Potatoes


I had some peperonata rustica (recipe from Keller’s Ad Hoc) and some leftover potatoes sitting in the fridge from last night’s dinner and so I just put them together for a very simple brunch this morning.  I served it with poached eggs and sprinkle of Manchego and it was absolutely one of my most favorite brunch […]

Hot Curried Carrot “Getting Better” Soup


This weekend I experienced an atrocious illness plagued upon us.  I don’t know what it was.  Maybe the flu?   Whatever it was, this thing, (we’ll call it “the beast”) managed to infiltrate our home and demolish every one of us, one by one, for several days each, before we were able to return to a mediocre level of normalcy […]

Pasta al Pomodoro


  It’s so easy, but has such a pretty and seemingly fancy name, which I admit, I enjoy.  Easy and fancy?  Yep, I’ll take it.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s very flavorful and very simple.   It’s perfect for us today on this overcast, gray, cold, Tuesday afternoon.  Trey is home from school today […]

Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings


So, what I’ve noticed lately is that people love easy stuff.  They do, it’s true.  Who can blame them?  I love easy stuff too.  Simple is always better than complicated, especially when most of the United States is under an extreme heat wave.  It’s going to be about 120 degrees in the sun here on […]

Burger Pickles


No barbecue should be without pickles, it’s sort of an unwritten law of backyard barbecue entertaining.  Homemade pickles add intrigue and maybe even an element of (dare I say…) gourmet sophistication to your simple backyard barbecue. Not only are homemade pickles (pickled cucumbers, to be specific) delicious, they’re also an excellent point of interest.  Pickling is an easy (really […]