Seared Tofu with Green Beans

seared tofu sweet soy glaze-2

This is one of those weeknight dishes that can be presented as opulent and swanky but is actually as simple and humble as a Tuesday “chicken night”.  It’s extra firm tofu, rid of excess moisture, then quickly marinated with a sweet soy glaze, fresh garlic and ginger, and just a splash of lime and pineapple juice […]

Meatless Monday: Rice and Bean Crunchy Tacos with Ginger Chile Salsa


We’re sitting under a layer of ice with all but a handful of things near us closed and cancelled for the day.  We’re forced into the terrible comfort of our own home;  made to lounge in our slippers in front of the fire for an extra day. Oh, darn you, winter. …or not.   This […]

Spiced Belgian Endive and Sweet Potato

Braised Belgian Endive and Sweet Potato

This is a simple recipe that requires a mere modicum of effort yet yields palatial results.  How can anyone argue with such a thing?  It’s an elegant vegetable side dish or a warm salad that inherently shines on a fall or winter menu.  If you’re making this toward the end of the season, I would […]

Mango Raspberry Margarita Granita

Mango Raspberry Margarita Granita: A cool treat that's sweet and tangy with a little bite.   They're the adult equivalent to the best ice pops ever.

Yes! It’s a margarita granita and I made it with mango and raspberries, which makes it healthy, so you should have at least two.  See how I can rationalize anything? It’s a gift, most of the time. Mango Raspberry Margarita Granita: A cool ending to your Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Cinco de Mayo literally translates […]

Peperonata Potatoes


I had some peperonata rustica (recipe from Keller’s Ad Hoc) and some leftover potatoes sitting in the fridge from last night’s dinner and so I just put them together for a very simple brunch this morning.  I served it with poached eggs and sprinkle of Manchego and it was absolutely one of my most favorite brunch […]

Grilled Corn and Avocado Salad Stuffed Tomatoes


I tend to do a lot of bite sized things as the weather heats up.  It’s perfect for entertaining.  This dish is just a little something extra to put out at a barbecue while people wait for the main event.  I’ve also made this using heirloom tomatoes and plum and roma tomatoes and it works […]

Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings


So, what I’ve noticed lately is that people love easy stuff.  They do, it’s true.  Who can blame them?  I love easy stuff too.  Simple is always better than complicated, especially when most of the United States is under an extreme heat wave.  It’s going to be about 120 degrees in the sun here on […]