Six Fresh Tomato Recipes To Make In August


It’s almost August and that means that tomato season has officially arrived. Here are six recipes to try before the season (and dare I say summer) officially comes to an end. 1) This first recipe is a simple appetizer that mixes grilled corn with avocado and citrus which is then stuffed into plum or cherry […]

Savory Watermelon Panzanella


  Panzanella is a classic summer salad that requires little effort and zero cooking.  It’s easy, delicious and can be served as a complete meal, especially on an exceptionally heat-ridden day as we have here, today. This particular version has a twist, though.  Since we’re about a week or two shy of full blown tomato […]

Simple Garden Tomato and Basil Pasta

thin and crispy neopolitan pizza-2

If you’re a bit further south than we are, I’m sure you’ll be overrun with tomatoes and zucchini soon if not already.  We’re still greeted by occasional sixty degree days and even cooler nights, so while my tomatoes were scavenged at the farmer’s market, my little diva of a basil plant happily provided. It’s a different […]

Meatless Monday: Chickpea Salad with Citrus and Herbs


We have had so many snow days this year that today is both the first and last day of our supposed “spring break”.   And, after a beautifully sunny near-sixty-degree weekend, this morning it was a lowly 26 degrees.  I went from biking sixty miles and cleaning out my closet with a smile while whistling, […]

Ten Awesome Game Day Recipes


The Super Bowl is coming soon and it’s practically right next door to us too.  Get excited.  This means that not only is traffic going to be an absolute freaking nightmare in our area (Fun!), but also that it is time to start planning your big game menu. We have it all covered. The second […]

Mary McCartney’s Corn Fritters

McCartney Corn Fritters

I was packing Trey’s snack and book bag (yes we’re in school until the bitter end of June, here) while simultaneously sipping coffee. The news caught my attention and suddenly a memory overcame me: While I have always loved Christmas, I was also fourteen years old and very little could pass as “awe-inspiring” at that […]

Tortilla Soup with Black Beans


The sun is streaming down as the bugs bite and the birds chatter; They say it’s going to be hot today followed by late afternoon thunderstorms.  Are you a fan of thunderstorms?  An afternoon thunderstorm after a hot day instigates both a rush of excitement and simultaneous coziness, so naturally, I am a fan.  Also, thunderstorms […]

Roasted Jalapeño Cream Cheese Bites


It’s the coldest it has been here in over two years.  Also, Superbowl season is upon us.  What does all of this add up to?  Hot and spicy bite-sized game day food, of course! I need a lot of flavor when it gets this cold out and football just compliments that fact beautifully, making it that much easier […]

Mini Quiches


My boys won’t eat quiche.  I’m not sure if the problem is in the name alone or that they don’t like anything made with visible eggs, but either way, there’s more for me I’m ok with that.   This mini quiche recipe makes five (yes, only five and exactly five) mini vegetarian crustless quiches packed with golden melted onions, baby broccoli […]

Peach and Avocado Nachos (with roasted tomatillo salsa)

IMG_6034 (2)

I picked up some tomatillos for the first time yesterday; a task that was well-overdue considering how much I love salsa yet rarely make it. Of all the salsa I have ever eaten, (a lot) this is the one that rises above the rest. The sheer heat and freshness of the simple quality ingredients are […]