Review – Site out of Business and with Reused Reviews does not exist anymore. When I visited the shop, I was greeted by a notice from which stated that the site is not available. According to the notice, operated for about 2 years, but now, the shop’s domain has already expired. Pharmacy Portal also offered alternative pharmacies which belong to the pharmacy network similar to where belonged to. Pharmacy Portal offered alternatives such as,,, and However, Pharmacy Portal did not provide any explanation concerning the present closed status of Safe Online Pharmacy.

It’s a good thing that the web archives had stored records for Safe Online Pharmacy. The records for state that the shop existed from 2013, although it appeared to be a rough draft of an online store rather than a fully operational website. was reborn in a few years (2015) and it took on a more polished appearance. stated that it has over 7 years of experience (although it did not specifically state when it was incepted) selling high-quality generic medications which were (in the store’s words) “absolutely equivalent” to the brand name products. The meds sold by were approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration, which implies that the drugs were sourced from India. offered the same drug choices found in most online pharmacies. Meds for skin care, pain relief, sleeping aid, blood pressure control, hair loss, diabetes, and other products were accessible for the consumers of the shop, but had item suggestions such as Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Dapoxetine, Accutane, Lasix, and several others. According to the shop, those products were the most popular amongst its consumers, so shop suggested these products to the buyers. did not require its consumers to provide the prescriptions, so the buyers freely ordered from the shop despite the Rx requirement of the medications. offered various erectile dysfunction products for its consumers, including the iconic brands such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The store sold Viagra 50 mg or $35.70 for 10 pills, Cialis 10 mg for $35.53 for 10 pills, and Levitra 20 mg for $40.26 for 10 pills. The buyers were allowed to pay for their orders using credit cards such as AMEX and VISA, E-checks, and Bitcoin.

The store did not indicate how much it charged for its medications, but it offered the usual AirMail and “courier” shipping options for its consumers. Lost orders were replaced by the store, but in some cases, the shop also did refunds for the buyers.

Since this store is now closed, consumers can no longer access the phone numbers given by the shop (+1-800-715-5341 and +44-203-318-5981) and the contact page on the store. Reviews

I was unable to discover reviews for Safe Online Pharmacy, but the store had testimonials published on its former website. Here are some of the reviews I was able to access using the web archive:

image3 2

Wei Zhang, a consumer, rated 4 out of 5 and thanked the store for his package. He even mentioned planning to use a “discount” on his next order.

Oliver Scott and Neill both gave 5 out of 5 stars and it was because of their order receipt.

There were several other testimonials for Safe Online Pharmacy, but I noticed that these comments also existed on some other web pharmacies I was able to visit during the past years. These were only copied feedbacks and were not true for Safe Online Pharmacy. The shop did not even bother to allow its former consumers to post real reviews for its service. Reviews 2017 closed during 2017, so I hoped for comments and external reviews for the website during the period. However, did not have any review or references to it from the internet, so I tried checking the shop using several online platforms.

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Using Scam Adviser, I was able to determine that the store only had a trust score of 24/100. According to, the site was threat listed and also had a rogue pharmacy listing. The locations determined for the store were Netherlands and the United States. Oddly enough, the shop was identified to have an age of 64 days (to date).

image4 1 gave only 0 points for its trust rating, and it is because of the shop’s lack of an SSL certificate, spam reports, and also previous scam site reports from its former clients. Overall, consumers were advised by to stay away from the online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Safe Online Pharmacy did not offer coupon codes for its consumers, but it did offer free erectile dysfunction pills (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra) to its consumers, although the store failed to discuss the terms of the freebie offer.

image2 2

The shop’s banner denoted that there was a free express delivery offer from the store, but as I looked into the offer’s details, the store only offered free deliveries for consumers with a certain number of pill orders.

Conclusion is a closed online store with about 2 years of service. The prices for the products sold in the store were good, and the product lineup of the Safe Online Pharmacy was typical of online pharmacies. There was nothing significant on, except for its copied reviews. I noted that had the same reviews I have been seeing recurrently on the web, indicating that was not a trustworthy store. My rating: 1 out of 5.