Pregnancy Insomnia Solutions

Pregnancy insomnia is unfortunately something that most expecting mothers will have to deal with. It can be quite tough to get a good nights rest when you baby is moving around and kicking throughout the night. Since pregnancy can be hard on your body it is important that you get a sufficient amount of sleep.

Here are a few tips to help you get better sleep if you find yourself struggling with pregnancy insomnia.

The position of your baby is one of the biggest insomnia causes for pregnancy women. During the night your baby moves around and if they become uncomfortable, then you will become uncomfortable.  If this happens, try getting up and walking around for a bit to see if your baby will move to a more comfortable position. You could also try sleeping while sitting up by using extra pillows.

Constantly needing to go to the bathroom is another culprit of pregnancy insomnia. Many pregnant women find themselves getting up several times throughout the night to go potty. First, be sure you go to the bathroom right before lying down for bed. Also, try not to drink anything within an hour of going to sleep. This should help cut back on your bathroom visits in the night.

Stress can also be a major cause of pregnancy insomnia. Pregnant women are enduring quite a bit of stress on their bodies and mind. At night, before going to bed, spend some time relaxing yourself.  You can try lighting some scented candles or put on some calming music. Another trick would be to practice deep breathing exercises or meditation.

During pregnancy your diet and eating habits change as well. Just changing your eating habits can be a cause of pregnancy insomnia. In the evening, be sure to have your last meal of the day about 2 hours before bedtime. If you eat right before going to sleep your body is going to be digesting your food while you sleep and this can often keep you awake.