Pillstore.com Review – Closed since 2008 and did not have a Decent Review for its Service

Pill Store (Pillstore.com) was another mail-order pharmacy service which offered consumers hassle-free transactions and safe and quality products. Today, this site is now inaccessible, and it appears that the shop had been closed a long time ago, based on its retrieved data from the web archive. The store’s initial data were found in 2001; whilst Pill Store’s records existed until 2010, the store’s snapshots revealed that it already stopped functioning as a web prescription service in 2007. Data beyond 2007 suggest that GoDaddy.com, the shop’s hosting service, has put up the domain “Pillstore.com” for sale.

Before Pillstore.com went out of business, it existed primarily as an “online resource” for mostly prescription products for consumers located in the United States. According to the information from Pill Store, the shop coordinated with US licensed physicians and pharmacies, which were all compliant with the federal laws. Pillstore.com also made it clear that it was not the actual dispensary, but functioned merely as a bridge between consumers and legally operating pharmacies and doctors alike.

Pill Store offered products for various medical concerns, and like most online pharmacy services, it also listed its products according to the illnesses they treat. Pillstore.com offered skin care meds, pain relief products, herpes treatments, hair loss treatments, men’s health products, sleeping aids, allergy relief, and various others. Patients without prescriptions were able to order from Pillstore.com because the shop offered medical consultations with the shop’s affiliated doctors. An online consultation entailed the buyers filling out a questionnaire, which a licensed doctor will review after the patients place their order. Consumers with their own prescriptions were able to order from Pillstore.com as well, and the store only required them to submit their existing scripts for their needed medications. However, the shop stated that it needed to verify the prescriptions first by calling the patients’ doctors to confirm the drug orders.

Since my goal is to evaluate store prices for their erectile dysfunction products, I checked the Pill Store prices for its impotence medication products, if available. Pillstore.com had Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20 mg, and Levitra 10 mg and had them sold at $95, $114, and $94, respectively, for 5 pills each. The shop, though, did not state if it charged for the online consultations or if it charged the clients if they had their own prescriptions when ordering from the shop.

Since the store is now offline, I was unable to determine the shipping charges per order. Pillstore.com appeared to cater to US clients alone, as the store used FedEx for the shipping and stated that buyers were able to receive their items in 3 to 5 days.

Concerning refunds, the store did not accept returns for products. Pill Store did not also have any refund policies for the consumers who were unable to receive their orders from the online pharmacy.

Pillstore.com Reviews

Pillstore.com only had one external review from a client during its years of service. However, the comment for the store was a complaint about its awful service. The review was from “karsushi”, who rated Pill Store only 1 out of 5 for its service.

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According to the user, the Pillstore.com already cashed his order 5 days prior to his review, but the store had not approved his order during his review. The user also cited that his emails for the store did not come through and all of his phone calls were left unanswered. He warned other consumers about the store’s schemes.

Besides this one review, though, there were no other testimonials existing for Pill Store.

Pillstore.com Reviews 2017

Because Pill Store closed before 2017, I figured that Pillstore.com did not have any reviews on the web. Pharmacy blogger sites also did not have records from for the web pharmacy, so I decided to try other strategies to get more information on Pillstore.com.

I used the platform Adviser to evaluate Pill Store, hoping that it still had records for the online mail-service provider. The store, overall, had a high trust rating from Scam Adviser. However, the store appears to be owned by another company.

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Pillstore.com was given a good trust score but probably because it was now owned by Amazon.com. There were no other details for the previous Pill Store operation. According to the record, Pillstore.com was a site with an age of 17 years, but no other data for the shop were available, such as its owner and country location.

Pillstore.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes were currently on Pill Store, as the store did not offer deals for its consumers. The store appeared to have no sale events for its consumers, no discounts, no freebies, and even offers of free shipping for its clients. Online pharmacies typically offer good deals for their consumers, but Pillstore.com had none, for some unknown reason.


Pill Store is a web pharmacy which offered its service to clients located in the US. The shop offered brand and generic medications and offered average to high prices for its products. Pill Store offered online consultations for its consumers via questionnaires, but the shop did not state if it charged the consumers for undergoing medical online consultations from the store. Despite the long run of the shop, the store only had one consumer complaint about his order being unapproved by the store despite the shop cashing in his payment. Since the shop Pillstore.com is now closed, I am rating the store only 1 out of 5.