Oxs-pharmacy.com Review – China-Based Online Generic Pharmacy

Oxs-pharmacy.com was an online supplier of top quality branded and generic medicines. All the drugs offered by this pharmacy passed the standards and were certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The health store offered a wide variety of drug classes on its catalog. Some of the best sellers from the pharmacy were Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Clomid, Kamagra, Propecia, and Female Viagra. The prices that this store offered during their operations were incredibly low. One tablet of the generic Sildenafil Citrate could be purchased for only $0.78 USD. This price is really cheap compared to the innovator brand manufactured by Pfizer which normally costs between $10-14 USD per tablet.  Ordering from the Oxs-pharmacy.com was also very convenient and less time consuming because they are a no prescription pharmacy. Patients or customers were not required to present or submit a valid prescription once an order has been placed. However, it is highly recommended to seek approval from a licensed physician before starting or trying out a new drug. Some patients suffer from extreme adverse effects because of the lack of knowledge about a drug they have started.

There were several payment options available for Oxs-pharmacy.com and this includes paying through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB Diners Club, Discover, and E-checks. Shipping was worldwide and a customer may choose between Trackable Courier Service and Airmail Service. For the Trackable or Express Mail Shipping, the waiting time was normally within 1-2 business days. On the other hand, Registered Airmail delivery took 14-24 business days. Shipping and handling charges vary depending on the country of destination, shipping method chosen, and the quantity of items ordered.

The refund was possible for Oxs-pharmacy.com. If the customer was not satisfied with the quality of products received, they were advised to return the parcel within 30 days in order to process the refund.

A live chat and toll-free hotlines were available on the website if the customer wanted to speak with a customer service representative.

Oxs-pharmacy.com Reviews

Customer reviews were taken from the seller’s website and all the feedbacks were a bit vague and not directly pertaining to Oxs-pharmacy.com.

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Tony narrated how her mother acquired Diabetes and he was trying to find a good source of her maintenance medications. The comment was not elaborated but I guess he chose Oxs-pharmacy.com to be his source of his mother’s maintenance medicines for Diabetes.

Isabella from Rome did not really give a feedback about Oxs-pharmacy. She recommended Ayurslim which helped her with her weight loss journey. She purchased the medicine from this pharmacy and probably had a smooth and pleasant transaction.

Tiber Snopek from Bratislava, Slovakia said that the “service is very good”. He did not elaborate further the whole experience he had with the drugstore.

Please note that all these customer feedbacks were taken from the seller’s website and we cannot guarantee that all of these reviews are 100% true. It is possible that the seller used all these comments to fake their reputation and deceive customers to buy their products and try their services.

Oxs-pharmacy.com Reviews 2017

Since the customer reviews taken from the seller’s website were vague and not straight to the point, I have also checked Legitscript.com and scamadviser.com to read more recent data and .

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LegitScript has classified Oxs-pharmacy as a Rogue Pharmacy. It means that all the verification standards set by LegitScript were not met by this online health store. Hence, the dispensing process of the virtual pharmacy cannot be fully trusted and there were some rules and regulations pertaining to the good internet pharmacy that was not abided by Ox-pharmacy.com.

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Based on scamadviser.com, the exact location of the online pharmacy was inconsistent. The site was located in France but it was also most likely from China. An inconsistency like this is a common act done by internet scammers and frauds. It was also linked to China, which is a high-risk country, especially for online businesses.

Oxs-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Oxs-pharmacy.com offered special discounts and freebies to its loyal customers during its operations. They did not only give low-cost generic brands but also bigger savings for their clients.

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For every purchase ED drugs, 4 free ED pills shall be rewarded as a bonus. Moreover, a package delivery insurance was also given for every delivery and the next orders of first-time clients shall reap a 10% discount.


Oxs-pharmacy.com was an online source of high-quality generic medicines on the internet. All the products were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the prices they offered were cheap and very competitive.

However, I am giving 1 out of 5 stars rating for Oxs-pharmacy.com because of the unsafe and unreliable website they have used during their business operations. The website location was linked to China, which is a very high-risk country. Likewise, they did not have strong customer feedbacks to validate the quality of services they provided.

I do not recommend this pharmacy and strongly recommend looking for other options when purchasing medicines online.