Review – Virtual Store for Sexual Aids and Supplements was an online supplier of supplements intended to improve muscle growth in humans and sexual aids to improve the quality of life. According to their website, customers could guarantee 100% satisfaction and high-quality products from the health store. The different categories of supplements and drugs available from Musclegear are oral and injectable steroids, HGH and IGf-1, sexual aids, post and on cycle therapy, plus bacteriostatic water. Unfortunately, the price of the ED drug they offered was very expensive since they didn’t sell generic brands. Four tablets of Viagra, a popular drug manufactured by Pfizer, cost $25 USD from the store. There are many online pharmacies selling the same drug with generic alternatives for as low as $0.6 USD per tablet. It is strongly advised that the patient must consult a licensed doctor before starting any medication. This is applicable to all even those only taking supplements, to avoid drug interactions and side effects that could possibly lead to sentinel events if not attended accordingly.

The online health store only accepted payments through the Western Union. No other mode of payment was accepted. Xpress Post and Priority Post were used to deliver packages. A $20 flat rate was charged for all deliveries using Xpress Post. However, if the total amount reached over $600, shipping fee shall be waived. On the other hand, Priority Post cost $50 and fees shall be waived for orders more than $2000. The store only delivered products within Canada and turnaround time was 24-48 hours after receiving the payment.

The refund or return policy was not accessible from the website anymore. However, the virtual store provided contact details including e-mail address and a message ticket form on the website. Reviews

There were no testimonials from previous buyers that could be searched for It is important, especially for first-time buyers to read positive feedbacks about a health store before they do online transactions. Unfortunately, Musclegear did not gain a good reputation from this aspect. Reviews 2017 and were used as a tool to gather data about the safety and reliability of the website used by when it was still operating. However, the results were all disappointing.

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According to, the website didn’t have an SSL certificate which put our data at high risk to be compromised. Moreover, they didn’t have any trust records which gives an idea that the website was new. Hence, scamner does not recommend browsing the website or doing any transactions like sharing personal information.

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The location of the website was also found to be inconsistent by It was found to be in Germany but it is also possible to be in Canada. This inconsistency was very suspicious because it is a common deed performed by scammers and frauds. Moreover, the technical and administrative e-mail addresses used by the store were a free one which makes them very unprofessional. Hence, concluded that Musclegear was unsafe for browsing and buying online. Coupon Codes

Although most of the products from this virtual store are costly and branded items, they offered special discount coupons to attract more consumers.

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If orders were in bulk and reached a total amount of $600 and above, the shipping fee shall be waived. Also, if the order reached more than $2000, FREE Priority Post would be awarded. It was a good deal because shipping and handling charges would cut a big chunk off the medical expenses of the client.

Conclusion was a virtual online health store which supplied sexual aids and other supplements for muscle growth. The website was attractive and easy to navigate. However, the information provided was not fully detailed, unlike other online pharmacies. The prices they offered were expected to be higher since they offered mostly branded items.

I am giving 1 out of 5 stars for Musclegear because of its limited online reputation. There were no feedbacks or testimonials gathered even from the seller’s website to validate the quality of products and efficiency of services they have provided. Moreover, the website they have used was found to be unsafe for buying and browsing. There was an inconsistency noted on their location and we do not want to tolerate such acts.

I do not recommend taking your medications or supplements from a similar website with a poor online reputation as that of There are a lot of online suppliers in the market which could do better and a safer website which we could transact sooner.