Review – Unsafe Virtual Pharmacy was an online source of prescription medications and generic medicines. The pharmacy claimed that it only sold high-quality generic medications but the regulatory health licenses and manufacturers were not stated anymore from the website. Some of the best selling drugs offered by the online health store were Caverta, Cialis, Cialis Soft, Levitra, Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate, Sildenafil Oral Viagra, and Sildenafil Soft tabs. The prices that Metro Meds offered during its operations cannot be viewed anymore. There are many online pharmacies offering drugs for erectile dysfunction so it was expected that the prices should’ve been lower or competitive with the others. Every patient or customer must make sure that before starting a new drug therapy, he/she has already consulted a licensed physician. This is an important act to avoid drug interactions and contraindications especially for patients already taking other drugs or those with other pre-existing medical conditions. Moreover, the pharmacy offered online consultation by answering medical questionnaires for assessments without additional fees.

During its pharmacy operations, Metro Meds accepted payments through Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, or via bank account. The pharmacy delivered to most countries in the world and the list could be checked upon checkout. There were two main shipping methods offered which includes Standard Shipping and Fast Shipping (Express Mail). Packages delivered using Standard shipping were expected to arrive within 12-16 days excluding weekends and 5-9 days for Fast Shipping. Handling and shipping charges were not mentioned anymore but I guess that it would depend on the country of destination and the quantity of items delivered. All products were shipped using a discreet packaging and personal details were not disclosed.

The refund policy of the online health store cannot be viewed anymore but if the customer encountered problems regarding the delivery or quality of the product received, Metro meds advised to call Metro-meds toll-free hotline from 9 am to 5 pm ET or send a message to Metro Meds support service. The pharmacy promised to reship the order promptly within 2 business days with no additional payments. Reviews

There were no customer reviews compiled for Metro Meds during its operations. It is important for online health stores to gain good reputation coming from testimonials of previous buyers to gauge the efficiency of services they have provided and the quality of products they sold. The said reviews would also boost the popularity of the pharmacy and would greatly convince potential buyers to try their services. Reviews 2017

Since there are no customer reviews found for, recent data and information were gathered from and to check the safety of their website.

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According to the pessimistic report of, the website of Metro-meds was unsafe. The location and origin country were both inconsistent. The site was found to be in Switzerland but was most likely from the United States as well. The inconsistency is very suspicious because it is a standard act done by scammers in online businesses.

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Metro Meds has also been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy because it did not meet the specified criteria of Legitscript for it to be considered as a good online drugstore. The pharmacy might have violated certain rules and regulations relative to the appropriate and accurate dispensing of drugs during its operations. Coupon Codes

There were no discount coupons or special deals seen from the website of Metro Meds. The prices they offered cannot be viewed anymore so it is very hard to detect if they were competitive with other online pharmacies. It is important to give special deals to customers apart from the low-cost prices of drugs. This will increase their market share and keep regular customers in patronizing their products and services.

Conclusion was an online source of generic prescription medicines in the market. There are many online pharmacies similar to this business and their best selling products were mostly erectile dysfunction treatments.

I am awarding 1 out of 5 stars for Metro Meds because there is only a limited information retained to gauge the quality of services they offered. We cannot view the price anymore so it is hard to compare them with other online health stores. Moreover, Metro-meds was found to be unsafe because of the inconsistency of its location. It has also been tagged as a Rogue Pharmacy.

Although the pharmacy isn’t operating anymore, I do not recommend this store for consumers as the source of their medications. There are a lot of cheap online pharmacies in the market who could give better services than this health store.