L-md.com Review – Store with a Questionable Service Quality

L-md.com is an example of a seized domain, or a website shut down by the United States government. If you visit the store today, you’ll see that the shop has a glaring notice from the United States ICE-Homeland Security Investigations that that store L Md was a site out of compliance with the federal legislations. According to the notice, the store sold counterfeit medications and also intentionally infringed the copyrights of several products. It was also stated in the notice that the shop’s owners received a seizure warrant from a local US district court, but there was no additional information concerning the outcome of the litigation.

In order to gather more data for L Md, I visited the web archive and found out that L-md.com had records in the archives since 2011, but the web pharmacy was initially a Japanese domain for supplements. However, the store resurfaced in 2013 and became like one of the common online pharmacy affiliate sites with familiar medications for various medical conditions such as alcoholism treatment, infections, mental health treatments, sexual health products, women’s health products, weight loss items, skin care, and various other clinical concerns. The store also posted its best-selling items such as Viagra, Cipro, Nolvadex, Synthroid, Lasix, Antabuse, Zithromax, and several others, like any other online .

According to the information on L-md.com, all of its products were generic items, but the shop did not state if the medications were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. L MD mentioned, though, that the cost of obtaining the US FDA approval is enormous, so the web store sourced its products from state licensed, Indian FDA-approved companies. All the medications advertised by L MD were from India and according to the store, all of the meds sent to the consumers included a “certificate of analysis” from the pharmaceutical company manufacturing the medications.

Because my main concern is to check the prices of erectile dysfunction medications available on the store, I browsed L MD for its records of impotence pill prices. Generic Viagra 100 mg was sold by L MD at $43.43 for 10 pills, Generic Cialis 20 mg was sold at $44.95 for 10 pills, and Generic Levitra 20 mg was sold at $49.95 for 10 pills. These are actually high prices for generic impotence pills—I’ve seen lower offers for these medications at other online pharmacies. L-md.com offered these medications without prescriptions, so buyers were able to purchase them at whim.

Concerning the shipping charges, L-md.com asked for $10 for the Standard International Airmail which took 10 to 21 days, while the pharmacy charged $30 for the Courier Service, which took 5 to 9 days. In the case of order losses, the shop vowed to reship the items for free.

L MD was formerly contacted using the several phone numbers (1-800-532-4808 and 1-718-313-1498), but since the store is no longer functioning, no one can reach the shop using these contact details.

L-md.com Reviews

I tried searching for reviews pertaining to L MD, but there were simply no reviews available for the online drugstore. L-md.com, despite its several years of service, failed to have mentions from various online platforms (review websites and forum sites) from its former consumers—I fear that the shop may have had a limited customer base, and the store is probably not the best choice by the clients during the time it was active.

L-md.com could have had worked on having consumers review its service since buyer reviews are the ones that clients like me look at when it comes to a shop’s integrity. Having no reviews is usually a sign that a shop is untrustworthy and that a store with no testimonials is almost as bad as a scam site. Although there’s no actual proof (complaint reports and such) for L MD, the store remains as a dubious place to shop meds from due to its blatant want of reviews.

L-md.com Reviews 2017

The store L MD did not have consumer reviews for 2017 as well. There were no mentions of L-md.com online from various trustworthy sources, so I tried my alternative detail searching using various web platforms such as Scam Adviser and Legit Script.


The result from Scam Adviser for L MD was poor, as the shop was awarded a low trust score of 10% out of 100. The shop’s age, according to Scam Adviser, is almost 5 years and its website location is in the United States, but its owner’s country is identified in China.

The shop was also identified to have a “rogue” rating and malware reports, but it is still unidentified as an offline store.


Legit Script’s result for L-md.com was similar to the Scam Adviser result for the online store. According to Legit Script, L MD was a “rogue” internet pharmacy which operates in direct disobedience to the accepted standards of web pharmacy practice. The store was also identified to have nil reviews for its service.

L-md.com Coupon Codes

Coupon offers were not present in the store, but the shop offered other deals for its consumers such as these:

image1 image2

Freebie pills were offered by L-md.com, although consumers have to have at least a 20-pill order of erectile dysfunction drugs to avail of the free pills. Reorders are also awarded discounts by L-md.com—consumers on their 2nd and further orders were given 10% off their next purchases.


L-md.com is another closed shop and there is no news on the store’s disappearance. No good or bad reviews exist for this site either, which makes L Md’s service quality questionable. The prices were a little higher than the other online stores offering the same generic products, but the store offered several deals for its consumers, unlike some web stores which did not. Overall, my rating for this now shut down site is 1 out of 5, and I suggest finding other web pharmacies to consider for your generic products.