Half-price-pharmacy.net Review – A Seized Vendor with No Information to Confirm its Reliability

Half-Price-Pharmacy.net used to be a well-established online drug store that dealt in generic medications. These medications were provided to the customers at very low prices. Almost all of the medicines that Half Price Pharmacy used to sell were manufactured by the companies working in India. The store claimed that these drugs had not only been approved by the FDA but also by the World Health Organization for their effectiveness and safety. The head office of this company used to be located in Langley, BC, North America but the medicines used to be shipped from its warehouse that was located in India.

Different kinds of products were available to the customers at this store. Some of the categories of products available at Half Price Pharmacy included anti-depressants, men’s health, antibiotics, women’s health and products for smoking cessation. The price of 50 mg generic Viagra was 1.24 US Dollars which was quite expensive.

The customer support center could be contacted by calling (US) 18005324808 and (UK) 442002227084. They could also be contacted by sending an email or can be reached via several social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Shipping service was available for every customer residing in any part of the world and took 7 to 21 days according to the destination. Payments could be made using Bitcoin, credit cards, and direct ACH bank transfer. There was a database comprising of different health articles that helped the customers learn about different medical conditions.

Half-price-pharmacy.net Reviews

In order to check if Half Price Pharmacy store used to be authentic or not, I decided to check what the customers who had tried this pharmacy out had to say about it.

The first review had been given by a customer named Mark who said that he received his order “on time” and that the pills worked great. He said that the pills were so effective that his wife and everything in his bedroom thanked the store for sending them.

Another customer named Mike said that he received the order quickly and was “impressed with the time of delivery”.

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DN was an anonymous customer who said that he received pills he had ordered from Half Price Pharmacy and “had an opportunity to try them”. DN mentioned that both he and his girlfriend were extremely happy with the results of the pills.

Brian said that he received his order “within 7 days” and mentioned that the store had “a most impressive service”. He finished by saying that he would order from this store and also suggest others to buy from here.

The reviews were good but I had to notice that they were only present on the official website of the vendor and nowhere else. This means that there was a possibility of these comments being fake. Hence, I decided not to trust them.

Half-price-pharmacy.net Reviews 2017

The reviews for the previous years were limited to the website itself and had no credibility. However, when I looked for reviews for the year 2017, I could not find anything, which means that the people focused on preferring other websites over this one as the time passed by.

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LegitScript also gave a rogue status to Half Price Pharmacy website and said that the website is using different means to scam people. The report detailed that this online store is nothing but a fake pharmacy which is just trying to loot people of their money. This report is a clear sign that the people should stay away from this store at any cost.

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Scamner gave 0% trust rating to Half-price-pharmacy saying that this pharmacy is not safe to use and is not recommended for financial transactions. This 0% is a clear signal that the people should stay away from this store and should find some other credible means to buy their medications online.

Half-price-pharmacy.net Coupon Codes

Half Price Pharmacy was not giving out any kind of discount or free pills to attract the customers. The website showed a sheer lack of marketing tactics which could impress new customers into buying from this pharmacy and could enhance the business. Instead, the producers of this website focused on scamming people and saving every last penny, where possible.


Half-Price-Pharmacy.net had not been able to portray itself as a good pharmaceutical store. There were so many flaws in the pharmacy that I could not even suggest it as an alternative for buying ED drugs. The company had apparently been making a fool out of its customers by posting fake and copied reviews on its website. This act of forgery was enough for me to deduce the nature of Half Price Pharmacy but I decided to give it another chance by checking its reputation using other sources. LegitScript and Scamner were totally against the working of this drug store and had regarded it as an unsafe platform for buying drugs. Moreover, I was unable to find any discount offers here which proved this company as irresponsible. I would finish by giving it a rating of 1 out of 5 and as the rating speaks for itself, customers should never buy ED drugs from websites like these.