Go-to-buy.com Review – A Suspended Drug Store that Used to Work from China

Go-To-Buy.com claimed to be a leader in the pharmaceutical world that used to supply medicines all around the world. The main goal of this company was to sell drugs at discounted rates so that everyone was able to afford them. The drugs sold by this company was said to be of high quality and because they also provided a delivery service to the customers, the store said that it helped the customers save money and time. The drugs available were sourced from reliable companies that used the best raw materials to prepare effective drugs. Viagra, a famous ED drug on GoToBuy was quite expensive and $3.33 was the rate set for one pill.

Shipping took place in up to 3 weeks using Airmail or up to 3 days using the EMS. Airmail charged $10 while the EMS took $20 extra. Payments could be made using Visa, American Express and E-checks. The company could be contacted by sending them a mail or by dialing +1-760-284-3222 or +4420-3286-3820.

Go-to-buy.com Reviews

I came across some reviews that were given by the customers at Go-To-Buy and decided to review them in depth in order to check how this pharmacy had been working in the previous years.

The very first testimonial had been given by a customer named Jonathan who was a French resident. Jonathan had mentioned that he received his order and was very happy both “with the service and the pills” provided by the store. He mentioned that often purchased drugs from a local pharmacy at a very high rate and now he was able to order online with the products being delivered to him within the stated time. He thanked the company again.

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A French customer named Christian said that Go To Buy had a “fantastic customer service”. He thanked the store and said he would like to be a returning customer at this store.

Liam, an Irish local, said that he was able to receive his ordered pills despite the fact that it was snowing. He also said that buying pills from this store was a lot cheaper than buying them from a local shop. He ended by saying that he would buy more pills from the store.

All three reviews that I checked were positive and indicated that GoToBuy was an amazing choice for buying drugs. However, I did not forget to notice that these reviews were posted on seller’s website and nowhere to be found. This means that there is a possibility of them being forged and these reviews could not be trusted.

Go-to-buy.com Reviews 2017

There were also some reviews that Go-To-Buy.com had received in the most recent year. The first one had been made by St Patricks that had been living in the Irish France who thanked the company for its “prompt and efficient service”. The customer received his order “within the timeframe given” and was very happy with his product.

Samuel living in Spain was another customer of Go-To-Buy who said that he tried the pills that he ordered from this store and they “seemed to work very well”. He thanked the company for all the help it had provided and said that it had the most “helpful” customer service that was exemplary for other stores.

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Jackson living in Italy said that he thought the store had been “scamming” him first but then he received all the drugs that he had ordered. He thanked the company and wished him good luck.

The reviews were good but faced the same problem as those given in the previous years. These reviews were confined to the seller’s own website and had no existence on any other platform. Due to this reason I had to check what Scamadviser had evaluated about this store.

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Scamadviser had mentioned Go-To-Buy as a high-risk website, mainly because there was a risky country associated with it. The company that seemed to be located in the United States had the possibility of being working from China. This means that there was a high likelihood of this country being a scam that offered fake products to its customers and snatched their money.

Go-to-buy.com Coupon Codes

There were two discount offers that I could find on the official website of Go-To-Buy.com. One of them was related to shipping i.e. the company used to provide free shipping to the customers with at least $200 or more worth of drugs.

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Moreover, the company also provided free pills with all the orders that the customers placed. The free pills were of Viagra and the company had not mentioned the exact number of these tablets that were granted for free.


Go-To-Buy.com seemed like a scam website to me mainly because it had a lot of reviews that contained copied content and were only confined to the seller’s own website. Scamadviser had suggested that this store used to run from China which means that there was a high possibility of it being fake. The store gets 1 out of 5 from my side as I advise the clients not to buy from such pharmacy stores in future.