Edmedslineplus.com Review – Having Customer Satisfaction as Priority Did not Keep the Store Live

Edmedslineplus.com was an online pharmacy that prioritizes customer satisfaction along with providing the best medication at the lowest price possible. That was until they close down. According to information gathered from a third party website, the domain of this pharmacy was seized and closed down by the Homeland Security Investigations due to willful copyright infringement.

Information on the start date and close date of this website are not available. Data on its location is also not available.

The website of edmedslineplus.com was very easy to use. Aside from a category of medicines they offer, they also have “hot offers” and “best sellers”. Among the drugs they offer were medicines for Allergy, Antibacterial medicines, antifungal, asthma drugs, medications for blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes medicines, medicines for general health, and ED medicines.

If you are looking for an online pharmacy that can give you ED drugs, edmedslineplus.com might be the right place for you. This online drug store is no longer active and I think the price of their ED drugs was one of the reasons.  

Most of the ED drugs they offer generic medicines. A generic Viagra pill costs $3.56 (100mg) and $3.10 for a generic Levitra pill (10mg). A generic Cialis pill costs $3.18 (10mg). Compared to other online pharmacies, the price of these generic ED drugs offered by edmedslineplus.com was a bit high. There are some online pharmacies that offer generic ED drugs for less than $2.

In the FAQ section of edmedslineplus.com, they explained that most of the medicines they were offering were generic and were from FDA approved companies. I believe that pharmaceutical companies are being given license to manufacture drugs but it’s the drugs that need to be FDA approved!

Edmedslineplus.com used to accept credit card for payment. Among the cards they accept were Visa, AmEx, and MasterCard.  Once a customer pressed the “submit” button, edmedslineplus.com will charge the customer’s credit card. If the process is a success, the order will be approved and processed for delivery. Shipping rate depends on the type and the destination of the order. The rate is only visible once the order is ready for check-out!

When edmedslineplus.com was still active, customers in the US can reach them at 1-888-524-7141 while UK customers can call 44-808-189-1420.  Customers that don’t have a phone can send them their inquiries through the “contact us” page of edmedslineplus.com. According to the data that I gathered from web archive, edmedslineplus.com used to have live chat support as well.  Now that the site is no longer operational, chatting with their live support is no longer feasible.  

Edmedslineplus.com was an online pharmacy that promises to ship medicine worldwide.  In a case of missing package or damaged order, customers can opt to have their orders reshipped or refunded. In a case of lost or non-delivered order, edmedslineplus.com promised to return their customer’s money.

Edmedslineplus.com Reviews

Online buyers always love to get their shopping done through a reliable website. In order to find a reliable online shop, they always check customer reviews and feedback. Edmedslineplus.com knew this! In fact, in their “About Us” page, they put in that their customer’s satisfaction is their main priority hence they always “monitor customer testimonials” and if needed, they “ask for recommendations from professional advisors”. With these being said, I was no surprise to find these customer reviews for edmedslineplus.com.

image3 9

Johnny was 34 years old when he first orders his medicine online through edmedslineplus.com. He said he was afraid to buy online because it will ask for his credit card information. He is also afraid of receiving a potential fake medicine. Johnny said that he was glad he took the risk and processed an order from this online pharmacy. While waiting for his order, he said he constantly receives an update about the status of his order, it arrived on time and the medicines he received were genuine.

Mike from Chicago shared that he found the online chat support of edmedslineplus.com helpful. He said that it was the first time he ordered medicine online. Although he was skeptical about the package he received, he was happy to find the products he ordered looking exactly the same as the one in the picture.

Another happy edmedslineplus.com customer was Stephen Smith. According to Stephen, he ordered his granddad’s medicine from edmedslineplus.com and was happy with it. He also believed that the phone calls he received from them were part of their security measures to keep his credit card information safe. He promised to order again from edmedslineplus.com and thinks of the online pharmacy as an honest store. What I am not sure though is if Stephen was able to make his second order now that this website has been closed.

It was a good thing that edmedslineplus.com wanted to build a good reputation as a reliable online pharmacy hence they are monitoring their testimonials. The customer reviews shared above were from the ‘testimonial page” of edmedslineplus.com. What I found cynical though was the fact that these reviews were not visible on third-party websites. These were too friendly and too positive as well. If only these reviews were also available on different sites, I might think that these were true or were written by real customers.  With doubtful reviews to consider, I went ahead and checked the status of edmedslineplus.com on legitscript.com.

Edmedslineplus.com Reviews 2016

Legitscript.com, a website that monitors online pharmacies and evaluates them says that edmedslineplus.com was a “rogue internet pharmacy”.

image1 9

Being a “rogue internet pharmacy” means that this website didn’t pass the qualifications set by legitscript.com in order to become a reliable online pharmacy. For this reason, I would not recommend buying from this online drugstore if it was still operational.

image2 9

An evaluation with scamadviser.com revealed that edmedslineplus.com was unsafe for online buyers. During the evaluation, it showed that this site might be in the US because their real location is hidden. Why would an online store hide their location if they are operating honestly?

Edmedslineplus.com Coupon Codes

Just like most online pharmacies, edmedslineplus.com has lured their customers to do bulk buying with these promotions.

image4 8

Customers who need to refill their ED prescription can save more if they will buy more from edmedslineplus.com. All medicines sold by edmedslineplus.com were priced by piece yet if you will purchase in bulk, the price per pill can significantly drop. For example, if you will purchase 10 pieces of pills that cost $4.10, you can get it for $3.65 per pill if you will get 20 pieces. If you will increase your purchase to 60 pills, you can get it at $3 per pill or just $2.57 per pill if you will get 180 pieces. For an order of 120 pieces, you can easily save $311.40.


With an emphasis on providing great customer satisfaction and low-priced medicines, edmedslineplus.com was among the few online pharmacies that take care of their image as an online pharmacy. It is one of the few online drug stores that monitor their customer’s testimonies. This means that in order to keep a good image, they always make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with the service they are providing. This was reflected with the positive customer testimonials I found on the site. Apparently, those testimonials were not available on third-party websites hence I doubt if it’s real or not.

Edmedslineplus.com was categorized as a “rogue internet pharmacy” by legitscript.com and scamadviser.com said it was “not safe to use”. Today, this site was no longer operational. With this information I gathered about edmedslineplus.com, I am giving this online drug store a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.