Different Methods to Treat Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a problem faced by many women, of all age groups, but thankfully it is not something which cannot be helped. It definitely is curable. Today in the market, you are likely to find yourself presented with a number of options for treating cellulitis. However, there are many things which one needs to consider before deciding which treatment method would be most suitable for them, like for example if you are going to go for modern medicinal methods, your present health condition will play an important role in determining which medicines you should take to reduce or stop the infection from spreading further.

You may even have to consider your budget whether it allows you to invest more in modern medicines, or would going for herbal treatment for cellulitis be more budget friendly. Following is a review of some of the methods which you could make use of to treat cellulitis.

Antimicrobial Treatment:

This treatment is done based on the type of bacteria which is causing the infection. This diagnosis of which type of bacteria it is, is done through skin or blood culture. Mild to moderate infections will be treated orally with penicillins like dicloxacillin. If somebody is allergic to penicillins, then parenteral erythromycin may be used.

If the infection is severe, then doctors resort to intravenous antibiotic regiments. Most patients, who are suffering from cellulitis, respond rapidly when they are treated promptly with the correct or appropriate antibiotic. The thing with cellulitis is that it spreads quickly, hence it should be treated quickly as well.

Nutritional Treatment Options:

Cellulitis can be treated if you pay proper attention to the nutrients you are consuming. Essential fatty acids like GLA which is shorthand for gamma linolenic acid and EPA, eicosapentaenoic, will help in reducing the inflammation of tissues which causes cellulitis.

Other than that, Vitamin A which is known as the anti infective vitamin can also play a vital role in healing the epithelial tissues which are involved in cellulitis. Omega-3 fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory agents. Flaxseed oil may prove to be beneficial for patients suffering from cellulitis.

Home Remedies for Cellulitis:

Majority of the people would rather cure everything, right from their homes, and cellulitis is no exception, either. One of the easiest home remedies for cellulitis is ‘skin brushing’ in which you ‘brush’ the cellulite affected area, keeping the direction of your brushing towards the heart. Proper skin care will yield great results. This can be done on damp or dry skin. Skin brushing helps in improving blood circulation which can be very helpful in preventing cellulitis.

Focus more on fruits and vegetables in order to get maximum nutritional benefits. You may take juices of fruits as well, but prefer ‘eating’ the fruit, rather than juicing it.

Cellulitis is basically fat. So, if you pay attention to your weight, watch what you are eating and exercise regularly, you may not develop any cellulite nor any cellulitis, to begin with! Prevention is always better than cure.