Chile and Chive Oil

chile and chive oil

I use flavored oils in everything when I have them on hand.  I find myself rarely digging through the spice cabinet and instead reaching for my trusty flavored oil of the moment, whatever that might be. It varies almost every time I make it, depending on what I want to use and what I have […]

Wednesday Wake Up: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

fruit and yogurt parfait Kate from Scratch

As I lay quietly in the darkness, I hear echoed yelling in the distance.  I search my mind to find something. What I’m looking for, exactly, I’m not sure, but in my restless wandering I only know that I need to find it.  I am cheerfully summoned from my epic quest with a small hand […]

Spring Rolls

spring rolls

Somebody needs to make some rules for April Fools’ Day. Mom, wake up!  We’re super late!   …April Fools! Mom I just remembered my book report is due today!  …April Fools! Mom, Max scribbled all over my homework!  …April Fools! Mom, Max has a permanent marker!  …April Fools! Mom, I forgot my folder, can you run […]

Meatless Monday: Chickpea Salad with Citrus and Herbs


We have had so many snow days this year that today is both the first and last day of our supposed “spring break”.   And, after a beautifully sunny near-sixty-degree weekend, this morning it was a lowly 26 degrees.  I went from biking sixty miles and cleaning out my closet with a smile while whistling, […]

Ten Tips for Perfect Blanching (and a recipe for Garlic Infused, Perfectly Blanched Asparagus with Orange Ginger Glaze)

perfectly blanched asparagus with garlic, ginger-8

  We’re getting another ten inches of snow this weekend, however, it is technically almost spring.  And if you have even the slightest bit of luck, you might start to feel the weather warm up in the next couple of weeks (or months. But I’m optimistic, so just roll with it). The markets will become […]

Slow Cooker Tuscan Vegetable Soup

This soup is packed with massive amounts of vegetables that can be varied to whatever you have on hand.  It’s meatless yet offers heat, tanginess, heartiness a bit of sweetness and a ton of balanced flavor. The recipe has only five directions, all of which are entirely simple. Oh!  Did I mention it also feeds […]

Meatleass Monday: Skinny Eggplant Parmigiana


  This recipe was sent to us last week by a reader named Julie from New York who said we just had to try this method as a meatless Monday post.   We have tried baking breaded eggplant in the past, but it usually involved a lot of olive oil, regardless of whether it is baked […]

Ten Awesome Game Day Recipes


The Super Bowl is coming soon and it’s practically right next door to us too.  Get excited.  This means that not only is traffic going to be an absolute freaking nightmare in our area (Fun!), but also that it is time to start planning your big game menu. We have it all covered. The second […]

Broccoli Cheese Soup


This soup is rich and creamy and luscious.  It’s the perfect lunch on this frigid snow day and it’s easy to make, which is always a nice bonus.  Choose your favorite cheeses, add your favorite broth, perhaps a dash of sriracha and call it your own.  The broccoli is roasted and naturally that means I […]

Meatless Monday: Rice and Bean Crunchy Tacos with Ginger Chile Salsa


We’re sitting under a layer of ice with all but a handful of things near us closed and cancelled for the day.  We’re forced into the terrible comfort of our own home;  made to lounge in our slippers in front of the fire for an extra day. Oh, darn you, winter. …or not.   This […]