French Toast Bread Pudding (AKA “Overnight French Toast Casserole”)


I’m not sure who started the concept of “Baked French Toast” and the not so distant relative of such a dish known as the “French Toast Casserole” but the last time I checked, these seemingly new dishes, (cultivated by massive amounts of online recipes) are all just bread pudding recipes. [Sorry, interwebz.  I'm just calling […]

Strawberry Muffins

strawberry muffins Kate from Scratch

Right now, I’m supposed to be on vacation, but I made these muffins and couldn’t stop myself from grabbing a quick photo and sharing them with you before I go and do vacationy things.   Plus, they’re just too cute in their little red white and blue surroundings.  I couldn’t not post these with the […]

Banana Bread


Max places his freshly washed hands upon the flour and measuring cups.  I, still in the kitchen, type in “banana bread recipe” and watch from the corner of my eye.  I’m expecting a definite go-to recipe to pop up at the top of my search results, much like it always does for classics like rice […]

Chile and Chive Oil

chile and chive oil

I use flavored oils in everything when I have them on hand.  I find myself rarely digging through the spice cabinet and instead reaching for my trusty flavored oil of the moment, whatever that might be. It varies almost every time I make it, depending on what I want to use and what I have […]

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs


Happy Easter (almost) weekend everyone!  If you’re like me, you haven’t done anything whatsoever for Easter yet.  I will have about fifteen people here on Sunday to celebrate not only Easter, but also our son’s fourth birthday!  So, let’s get started with the most obvious Easter staple, hard-boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs aren’t exactly the most […]

Wednesday Wake Up: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

fruit and yogurt parfait Kate from Scratch

As I lay quietly in the darkness, I hear echoed yelling in the distance.  I search my mind to find something. What I’m looking for, exactly, I’m not sure, but in my restless wandering I only know that I need to find it.  I am cheerfully summoned from my epic quest with a small hand […]

Wake Up Wrap

This wake up wrap has over fifteen grams of protein and no limit on flavor.   The whole grain wrap is packed with baked sunny side up eggs (or egg whites if you prefer), roasted red and green bell peppers, sweet roasted red onions sliced to perfection and cauliflower florets doused in salt, pepper and olive […]

Ten Awesome Game Day Recipes


The Super Bowl is coming soon and it’s practically right next door to us too.  Get excited.  This means that not only is traffic going to be an absolute freaking nightmare in our area (Fun!), but also that it is time to start planning your big game menu. We have it all covered. The second […]

Brunch: Potatoes, Peppers and Perfect Poached Eggs

potatoes-peppers-poached egg

Apparently my little rant has gotten quite a bit of attention on twitter from the food blog community who generally feels the same way (or has at one point) about things. I like you too. Thanks for dropping by! Let’s eat brunch.  You can bring the bacon if you’d like. This is my version of […]