Review – An Apprehended Cyprus-Based Pharmacy With A Lack Of Verified Reviews

With a bright and vivid layout with a friendly navigation, sought to become a leading provider of various branded and generic medication for consumers all over the world. This company, which has been seized by the US government, was operating from Cyprus. The pharmacy claimed to dispatch meds from several warehouses located worldwide (UK, US, India, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, etc). Approved Tablets was apprehended less than one year ago, but no information was disclosed regarding when the pharmacy started its business. claims to cater high-quality products only. However, the site didn’t mention whether the meds were FDA approved or not.

Despite stocking my medications for different medical conditions, main assortment used to be meds for erectile dysfunction. The pricing per pill decreased considerably when clients purchased higher amounts of it. Lilly’s Cialis could be obtained by $5.73 and Viagra by Pfizer was listed at $6.20 the cheapest. The generic versions were, obviously, less costly. For example, Sildenafil could be acquired by merely $0.74/pill whereas Tadalafil cost only $1.05 per tablet.

Customers could use Visa, MasterCard, and E-checks to buy their meds. The pharmacy claimed to have SSL encryption, assuring that all sensitive data was secure and wouldn’t be leaked. As for shipping, offered two distinct methods: standard airmail, which cost $10 and took between 14-21 days to arrive, or trackable courier service ($30). When choosing the latest, clients could expect to have their meds within 9 days. The company promised to give a full refund in cases of non-delivery. However, Approved Tablets didn’t clarify what was its policy in case of damaged or incomplete packages. I’m never a fan when companies don’t specify such an important issue. could be contacted via live chat or by phone. Since the site was captured by the US government, I wasn’t able to try the live chat. No physical address was provided on the site. Reviews didn’t have any external reviews. Instead, the pharmacy had a bunch of on-site positive reviews, supposedly written by its clients. I am always suspicious about these unverified testimonials but I will give them a chance. Let’s see what they have to say:

Suzan ordered herbal products for an apparent weight loss process. She “lost some weight” with these “acai berry” Indian supplements, impressing all of her friends.

image2 6

Charles wrote in Paris that service was “good” and was the “third” time ordering from this shop. He purchased meds for smoking cessation and, even though some packages are late, he’s aware they “arrive no matter what”.

Isabella was another customer fighting with extra weight. She recommended using “Ayurslim” to everyone who’s experiencing the same. She was able to “pull off weight” naturally.

I won’t let myself be fooled by these appealing reviews. The same testimonials can be found on other similar sites without any alterations.

These reviews are meaningless given that they are just plagiarized testimonials from another pharmacy. They don’t reflect Approved Tablets reputation nor services. In fact, after perceiving this behavior, I can safely assume was an erroneous and disreputable pharmacy. Reviews 2016

As for more recent reviews, I couldn’t discover any. If the pharmacy had reviews attached to its own site, then it wouldn’t matter either way. I won’t take into consideration any dubious statements.

I can easily demonstrate how treacherous used to be. For that, I can show you what scam alerts warn me about the company:

image1 6

The store has zero credibility and was considered hazardous to use. The site had a 0% trust score on Scam Adviser, which realized that the pharmacy was operating from Ukraine. This country is highly associated with other scam sites.

image3 6

Scamner gave Approved Tablets a 2% credibility rate. This low popularity pharmacy was, once again, considered to be questionable and consumers were advised against buying from here.

At the end of the day, my opinion is pretty simple: do not use pharmacies which display copied content. Coupon Codes wasn’t abundant in offers but it did have some freebies and further savings when buying in bulk.

image4 5

Depending on the number of pills requested, Approved Tablets would offer either 4 or 10 ED pills as a bonus. Orders above $200 could also enjoy free standard airmail service. More importantly, returning customers could get 10% off on each of their next orders which, in my opinion, is an important step for client loyalty. The price per pill decreased when the number of purchased pills increased.


I believe that it’s pretty straightforward what my opinion regarding is. The clearest thing was the use of copied reviews as a way to lure more clients into buying from this company. Moreover, the company didn’t have any other kind of external reviews that could verify its integrity.

Approved Tablets seemed to be a pretty standard online pharmacy, except for the part that was delusive and disreputable. The company was, almost with 100% certainty, a treacherous online drugstore. It would be a mistake to purchase something from here as there’s a big chance I wouldn’t have received my order; I wouldn’t take any risks and I’d prefer to purchase from a store with a more solid credibility. didn’t pass the standard security tests, thus I’m entirely sure the store wasn’t seized implausibly. The sad reality is that Approved Tablets apprehension was mainly due to its scam activities.

Having said that, I can only give a 1 out of 5 rating.