Review – Online Drugstore with a Fair Trust Rate Despite its Rogue Status used to be an online store in the supply of generic and branded medications which were FDA approved. Its Clients would benefit from a broad range of drugs as they were viable to treat, Allergies, Insomnia, Erectile Dysfunction, High blood pressure, Hair loss among many others. Following its claims customers were guaranteed 100% satisfaction through transacting with it especially those who were in the purchase of impotence remedies; as they were displayed in varieties such as, Kamagra Jelly, Priligy, and Levitra. With the standard generic power pack going for relatively low prices since a pill of Viagra was priced at 0.74 while a tablet of Cialis used to cost $ 1.05, their branded versions were a few coins more as they went for $ 6.20 and 5.73 respectively. Clients were allowed o place their orders without the need of a prescription although they were strongly advised to consult licensed physicians before their consumption.

Customers to this site were in an enviable position in that they were provided with a live chat, the quickest and most convenient means of communication for e-commerce; in addition to two toll-free telephone numbers and the email contact form. This way they were at liberty to air their inquiries around the clock with the assurance of a prompt reply. I would have liked to try my luck in this only that the store is out of business. Buyers in preference of credit cards such as the Visa and Master Card were encouraged to make use of them as well as those who went for E-checks in paying for their drugs.

Shipping was done in dual options of a traceable courier and international airmail; with the former taking (5-9) days while the later took two to three weeks. Their transportation charges remain unknown as they missed on their website with the directive of them on the order form. That was due to the varying distances covered during the deliveries and the differing sizes of the packages. To those who had failed to get their orders within 14days after the use of courier service with their counterparts in the airmail service after 30 days; they were entitled to a free reshipment or a cash refund. The same benefits went to those whose parcels were delayed at customs or were handed defected and incomplete products. I remember seeing a statement that the seller is always mindful of their users and take their testimonials seriously, how about I get a read from them? Reviews

Charles from Paris commented that the services used to be offered ‘good’ making him place following orders with that one being the third, he acknowledged having an understanding of the delivery process that way he was never worried of a derailed delivery because he would eventually receive his narcotics. Something that depicts he used to exercise his patience.

Isabella from Rome was the recommendation of the site and more precisely the tablets she had bought to help her shed her extra pounds. She confessed to having lost a couple of pounds and planned to shop some more.

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Peter Hans referred to himself as a ‘satisfied’ customer as he had experienced a timely delivery and a practical inquiry session with the client support team via the live chat. Reviews 2016

The most recent review on the site at that time was three the first one was from a thirty-four-year-old named Jonny. He stated that he took a risk in transacting with the e-shop for the first time in exchange for genuine products which were delivered in time with the help of the support team who responded to his questions clearing his doubts.

Mike from Chicago was pleasantly surprised by the discrete package that he had confused for a usual letter and the resemblance of the drugs to the ones he had viewed from the site. He also admits finding the live chat helpful compared to his preference of making use of the call.

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Stephen Smith was appreciative of the site’s concern as he had given his particulars differently than expected in that his cell number and his grandfather’s address were to accompany his order. The supply team took caution to confirm this and hesitated to deliver the package until they were assured of the truth.

Since these positive remarks were posted on the vendor’s site, they might have been altered with as none was from a less impressed client and we all know that it is impossible to be in everyone’s good books. My suspicion triggered an investigation with the help of scam analyzing engines.

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The United States-based e-pharmacy was rewarded (62 out of 100) safety percentage as it by the It was also reported to be enlisted among rogue pharmacies in addition to possessing small chances of being visited. Coupon Codes

Despite the lack of coupon codes from this site, there were offers given to their best sellers for instance; clients who would make subsequent orders were entitled to a ten% off discount from the total.

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For every 36 and above pills of 100mg Brand, Viagra tablets bought there was free standard airmail service.

Conclusion had positive reviews from some of its clients who had complimented it for its products and services although they might be subject to manipulation as they were found on its website. Nonetheless, it used to assist its clients in spending less money during their shopping as it offered free shipping as well as 10% off on subsequent orders. It had also gained a fair trusting from the of (62 out of 100) % despite being enlisted among rogue pharmacies. That being the sequence of events I rate 2 stars out of a possible 5.