Mom’s Day Off. Happy Mother’s Day!

Ok, kids, listen up!  Moms shouldn’t have to cook anything for anyone on Mother’s day.   Also, kids, you shouldn’t cook either.  Trust me on this one.

Unless you’re a fully grown person who knows how to cook and clean up after yourself, go with a nice dinner or brunch out, instead.  But, honestly, I’m thirty-three and I still hate cleaning, so make it easy for everyone and ask her where she wants to go to celebrate her day.

behind the scenes-3

And to the dads out there that want to make something nice for your wife.  That’s so sweet!  And, sometimes, the thought is good enough.  No …really, it is.

If there’s any possibility that she will be chiseling charcoal off a waffle iron or holding a fire extinguisher upon your newly acquired …skills… Please, logically think about what you’ve cooked recently and how it turned out.  If you can answer that question without cringing, then you can cook.  For the rest of you, there’s rarely a need for duct tape in the kitchen.  I’m just putting that one out there.

Restaurants are wonderful! Go ahead and make some reservations, and you can’t go wrong.  Or, just a day at home might be nice. There’s no need for getting fancy.  I promise.  A homemade card works.  Macaroni art?  Yes, please!  Maybe a plant.  Plants are nice.

Now that we’ve covered that, what will I blog about since I’m not offering a recipe this week?

Well, I figured I’d give you a little look at what our life is like at home.

These are unedited photos, so you know, there’s a lot of fingerprints on my oven and microwave.  You will just have to deal with that. I’ll retouch next week, maybe, or maybe we all just won’t care.  Or maybe someday I’ll actually clean all the things and those clean things will stay clean.  No, that’s not real.  That’s impossible!

1. Grandma (my mom) came to visit!  She vacuumed a lot and kept the kids entertained and brought massive amounts of candy and puzzles.  That was pretty sweet.

Love you Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

2. We went for a walk and saw a bunny.  Clearly, this was the Easter bunny, according to Max.   He now looks for it every day in the same spot.

behind the scenes-4

3. We went to and played at the playground almost every day. ( So. many. swings. )  Yay swings!

behind the scenes-5

Spring sprung!  I cleaned out all the baby toys without anyone noticing.


behind the scenes-6

We have a lot of birthdays around Easter in our family, so we figured we’d celebrate everything at once and save people a trip out to our place since it’s a bit of a hike.

behind the scenes-7

The boys got swords and bikes and pool gear and headphones and games and squishy colorful stuff and a lot of things!  Thank you to all our wonderful family for coming out to celebrate with us.

behind the scenes-8

This happened.  Nobody got hurt…I’m pretty sure.

behind the scenes-9

“Look at me!  Look at me mom!  Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  Look! ”

behind the scenes-10


Food blogging!   Time to make the dough.  In the background you can hear the kids asking to go to the pool (it is fifty degrees here) and they want chocolate and juice boxes and a slushy maker…and, “I’ll add that to the list”.

Eventually they’ll realize there’s no actual list, right?


behind the scenes-12

There were a lot of birthday parties and play dates and recipes, and disasters and time-outs and laser tag and pizza and games and bike rides and nature hikes and fun.  But of course, I have no pictures of those things.  Food, though, I always have photos of food.

It’s a thing I do.

behind the scenes-14


Max was “Orange Max Three” last year.  Now, he’s “Red Max Four”.  It’s a long story.


Max 4


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Enjoy your family and go make some reservations.  If all else fails, ice cream fixes most things.   Remember that in case of emergency, eat ice cream.   It’s an important life lesson.

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4 Responses to Mom’s Day Off. Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. You are so right – mums should not lift a finger 😀
    Happy belated mothers day :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. hotlyspiced says:

    I agree – I don’t want anyone cooking for me on Mother’s Day if they can’t clean up the mess! It looks like you have some beautiful homes in your neighbourhood. I love the image of the bunny – we once had a bunny turn up on our lawn on Easter Sunday which was a huge thrill to our kids. Happy Mother’s Day! xx

  3. so sweet!!!! love this post!!!! Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! (And I totally agree about going out for Mother’s Day—right now that’s how it is for my birthday lol)

  4. One of the presents for a Mom is to relax, to get away from her routine… What a great post, Kate! Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! Happy B-day to your beautiful boy.

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