World Autism Awareness Day!

It’s that time of year again!  World Autism Awareness Day is today.  And, yes, while I am traditionally a recipe maker, photo taker, accidental mess maker and avid cupcake eater, this is one annual mainstay that I won’t deter from, here at Kate from Scratch. We’re shining a light on autism all month long.


About Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. It is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Suzanne and Bob Wright, the grandparents of a child with autism. Mr. Wright is the former vice chairman of General Electric and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal. Since its inception, Autism Speaks has committed nearly $200 million to research and developing innovative resources for families. Each year Walk Now for Autism Speaks events are held in more than 100 cities across North America. On the global front, Autism Speaks has established partnerships in more than 40 countries on five continents to foster international research, services and awareness. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit

It’s a cause near and dear and never to be overlooked and I hope you will join me in spreading awareness not just today, but all throughout April.


Because, while today is the official day, it is just the kickoff point of a month long initiative to increase the awareness of autism.

So, if you’re a little late to the awareness train, no need to fret, you have time to spread the word and do some good for the cause.

Light It Up Blue is observed in our home, from our blue light bulbs, to volunteering in our own community, to lighting up somebody’s day.  Even the act of a simple donation can be enough.  There’s even an entire online store dedicated to Light It Up Blue gear!  You know, if you want to support a good cause and also get a memento that continues to spread autism awareness throughout the year.

Find countless ways here: How To Light It Up Blue.  Spread the word and show your support. Start by visiting  Autism speaks, it’s time to listen.



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3 Responses to World Autism Awareness Day!

  1. hotlyspiced says:

    My son had a blue day at school yesterday to raise awareness. The canteen was selling blue food like cupcakes decorated with blue icing. Can you believe, I forgot to give him some money! He couldn’t buy a thing. I felt terrible! xx

  2. Such a worthy cause. Hope someday soon we’ll truly understand the causes…and hopefully be able to prevent autism.

  3. What an awesome day to promote, people do not understand the extent to which autism can affect lives, or do not think about it too much – off to donate right away!! 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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