The Sweetest Place On Earth

I mentioned that we were going to bring our sons on what we call, a “mystery trip” for Trey’s seventh birthday.  And well, let’s just say… it’s going to require some very slick and clever planning on my part to top this year’s birthday shenanigans in honor of next year’s celebrations (We’ll worry about that next year, though).  For now, let’s just revel in this evidently thrilling, deliciously raucous and totally awesome birthday.

So, “why Hershey Park” you ask?  Well, first,there’s this…


That’s right!  They fit a six piece brass band including a sousaphone into a golf cart.  Awesome?  Uhh…yeah it is!  Wielding big smiles and a flair for jazz, they played for me and my boys as we walked to our car.



But, also his birthday is at the end of summer; which, let’s face it, totally blows for scheduling a big birthday event.  Everyone is either away or out of touch on weekends or they’re always around and you see them all the time and you’re kind of just sick of them already (no, not you, don’t worry).   But, yeah, you get the idea.  Second of all, ever since Trey was two, he requests one thing… and  that thing is CHOCOLATE.  Sure, his birthday request is usually in cake form but honestly, they’re just vessels for KitKats and Hershey bars among other treats.

I’m onto him and I dig it.

So, I figured… let’s just cut to the chase and do it right.


I also happen to know for a fact that he got my genes in the department of loving all things fast, crazy, and fun.  So, the only thing he might love more than chocolate…


…is roller coasters.




The park did not disappoint and Trey even went on his first “completely upside down and backwards” roller coaster which immediately got Max on the competitive fast track of fun too.


Yep, Max who stands at three years and barely three feet tall (yikes), managed to finagle his adorable self onto his first -ever- roller coaster and absolutely raved about it!  Sure, there are still plenty of rides we couldn’t go on with both of them yet, but that didn’t mean anyone was sidelined, fortunately.


And even he were sidelined, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind since he decided that the only thing more awesome than rides and roller coasters, is drums!


He was right!   That part was very cool, too.


After hours of fun and chocolate and cake, we were all utterly exhausted.  We didn’t get to go onto any of the water rides yet as this was our first time there, but maybe we’ll be able to stay a few days next time and get everything in.  Overall it was probably the best birthday any of us have ever had, which is saying a lot considering we have had about seventy seven birthdays between the four of us.  And, now I have massive amounts of chocolate to bake with, so you too can enjoy some very sweet creations…coming soon.


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8 Responses to The Sweetest Place On Earth

  1. Daniela says:

    Looks like your son had a wonderful fun programm for his B- day!
    The Hershey park is a great idea for such a celebration .

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Trey! He must have enjoyed his special birthday. I can’t wait for my kids to be big enough so that I can ride roller coasters with them. I love that thrill…and since they were born, I haven’t ridden any… :)

  3. SO FUN! I went to Hershey when I was 12 and loved it (although I didn’t get to do the park).

  4. Meg says:

    Love love love Hershey! We used to go there all the time when I was a kid. Awesome birthday, indeed.

  5. Christina says:

    I went there this last November and was blow away! What an awesome birthday :)

  6. Stephanie G. says:

    I love Hershey Park! Fantastic idea – my son’s birthday is in August as well…such a pain, I agree! Happy Birthday Trey!

  7. Jenn Barrow says:

    We went there last year! Thanks for the reminder to go again and happy birthday to your little big kid! Great post!

  8. Massive amounts of cake and so many rides? What a lucky kid 😀
    Best birthday party ever!!!
    You should be a party planner!

    Choc Chip Uru

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