Chocolate Orange Pie (Basics IV: Orange Curd + Graham Cracker Crust)


Aside from the word “curd” grating my senses on every level, I find the topic one of importance for my basics series. Yes, that’s right I said curd.  Curd is the word that sounds gross, but is not.  It’s actually quite awesome and tasty when you think about it, and though it might need a new name, it […]

Pie Crust: Basics III


If there’s a massive frozen turkey sitting in your freezer and you plan to cook it for Thanksgiving, you should probably go ahead and start thawing.  I also recommend brining it in a flavored, non-acidic salt solution. I don’t claim expertise in the meat department, of course, but I do know that a bloated turkey will […]

Kate’s Cold Weather Vegetable Stock: Basics II


  Alright Thanksgiving, you sneaky little minx, you.  I’m onto you and your mischievous ways.  I get all wrapped up in Halloween and then a week later…BAM!   It’s time to start planning Thanksgiving.   So, what do vegetarians eat at Thanksgiving?  Everything!  Well, everything except turkey, that is.  If the cook uses vegetable stock instead of chicken or turkey […]

A New Series. Basics I: Roasting Garlic


Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season for us here, and often acts as a catalyst for those who don’t normally cook, to suddenly begin doing just that.  I get a bunch of panic stricken emails that ooze with frenzied inquiries, “How much is a sprinkle of salt?!  What the heck is a parsnip?!”.    I […]

Weathering the Storm with Sourdough

kate-from-scratch-sourdough-bread-hurricane-sandy (640x496)

After days of battling grocery crazed mobs we were finally home, as ready as possible for whatever was about to hit us.  It was Tuesday afternoon when the lights first flickered and shortly after, a booming explosion erupted from about a block away and we were in the dark.   It was the fist time our […]