Banana Nut Bread French Toast with Maple Butter Pecan Ice Cream


It’s perfect for special weekend brunches, which is why I’m bringing this to you on a soggy and puddle-filled Friday morning. Before gathering the umbrella that I never use for myself, only for the kids ( I prefer to just run for it, don’t you?), I made this quick bread for breakfast and then soaked it in a […]

Portobello Kebabs with Garlic Mash and Mo’shrooms (and a book review)


I was sent a book to share with you, aptly titled, “Must Have Been Something I Ate,” by Peggy Kotsopoulos, a registered holistic nutritionist.  You know the quote by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” this book illucidates that message on every one of its pages.  The health guide portion at the beginning of the book […]

Vegetarian Egg Rolls

vegetarian-egg-rolls (2)

I found some egg roll wrappers at the supermarket the other day and became acutely aware they were simply pasta sheets.   Did you know this?  Apparently I’ve been sleeping under a rock because I thought there was some anciently abstruse mystery to the perfectly crisp chew in the wrapping of an egg roll.  Turns […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip “Thank You” Cookies


I’m normally very diligent with time and I’m always early.  My husband is the organized one and I’m the one that gets us to appointments and places on time and gets deadlines completed on time, or with time to spare.  I’m a morning person and a task and deadline oriented type of personality that thrives […]

Preserving Summer


Last February I had an insatiable craving for sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes that did not dwindle even slightly over time, which motivated me to start a little vegetable garden last spring.  Now, I am jarring and canning and freezing just about anything and everything I possibly can from that garden before it frosts.  Jars […]

Apple Muffins


Apples are starting to pop up just about everywhere, so I decided to welcome the very beginnings of fall with these apple muffins.  Specked with warm cinnamon and hearty pecans, the moist crumb is unsuspectingly delicious yet fairly healthy (healthy is always a relative term, don’t you think?).     I ate one of these yesterday morning with […]

Back To School Lunch

School Lunch

Without fail, a muted silver sky and a light sprinkling of rain graces every first day of school for us, appropriately enough.  The kids stand at the bus stop leaning against their moms and dads, holding brightly colored cartoon-covered umbrellas.  Fatigued from late summer hours and days of carefree play, they wait in anticipation of […]