Birthday Train Cake


Max asked for a train for his birthday cake, so I started looking around and found these very versatile instructions for building or assembling, rather, a three-dimensional train made of cake and candy.  I was a bit concerned about it since I’ve never made anything like this before, but I can honestly say that this is a […]

French Baguettes: Homemade

Homemade-french-baguettes-kate (640x425)

The problem with bread baking at home is the lack of steam or moisture in the home oven. The crust is just not right.  The lack of moisture makes the crust form too soon, which hinders the inside from becoming light, chewy and tender.   So, the question is, how do we create steam in […]

Strawberry Jam


Strawberry Jam This recipe is so perfectly sweet and tart and seasonal and phenomenally simple, that I just couldn’t help myself from making and sharing it with you, immediately.   Isn’t it just beautiful too?  I think so.  It cooks up within minutes and captures the purity of  how strawberries should taste, which is why I […]