Cranapple Pie

Have you ever made three different pie crusts just for tasting and perfecting?   Have you ever made four apple pies, each slightly varying to see what happens when you add more butter and slice the apples differently?  Have you ever tried seven completely different apple pie recipes just to taste the difference, even though nobody in your house, besides you, really even likes apple pie?

Have you ever eaten pie in the morning and called it breakfast?  Have you ever decided that pie is an art form that might just take an entire lifetime to master?  Who would do such a thing?  Some sort of pie weirdo, I guess.  That’s a little pie crazy, don’t you think?

Because of my love for and plausible obsession with all things pie, I understand that crust is a deeply personal matter.  I understand that some of you might prefer a lard crust or a pecan laden crust or maybe even a shortening crust, or of course the king,  the master,  the ultimate, pure and perfect butter crust.   Whatever you choose, this pie filling is the perfect combination of rich, sweet tartness. It mixes and switches up your plain old traditional apple pie.  You won’t be disappointed.


One last thing; The first slice never comes out as good as the rest, as shown in the photo above.  I tried to serve a small dainty little slice.  I advise against such crazy thoughts.  What was I thinking?   I suppose that’s just the price you pay for having the first slice of fall deliciousness.  Not a bad deal, I’d say.  After the other half is scooped onto the plate, it’s just perfect, regardless.


 Cranapple Pie

  • 2 – 9 inch pie crusts (your favorite recipe or store bought)
  • 4 large granny smith apples
  • 1/2 cup, packed, dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/2 teaspoon orange zest
  • 1 tablespoon spiced rum (or orange juice, if preferred)
  • 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
  • dash of freshly grated nutmeg (optional)
  1. Roll out pie crusts to desired thickness and place bottom pie crust into pie plate. Move oven rack to center slot and preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Peel, quarter, core and then thinly slice the apples and place into a large bowl.  Drop the brown sugar over the apples and stir to thoroughly coat.   Dust sugared apples with sifted flour and stir to thoroughly coat.
  3. Place butter in microwave safe dish and loosely cover (a ceramic bowl with a plate over it works well and keeps the microwave clean) melt butter completely .
  4. Add dried cranberries, orange zest,  rum (or orange juice), vanilla extract and nutmeg to the hot melted butter and whisk together. 
  5. Pour cranberry-butter mixture over apples and stir to fully incorporate all ingredients.
  6. Pour cranapple pie filling evenly into bottom crust.
  7. Lastly, cover the cranapple filling with top pie crust.  Trim excess and pinch edges with thumb and forefinger to seal top and bottom crust together.  Cut top crust with desired design to vent.  Place pie plate on baking sheet and cover edges of pie with a strip of foil to prevent excessive browning.  Bake in preheated oven until apples are tender and crust is golden, which takes about fifty minutes to one hour.
  8. Cool on wire rack until warm and serve.


Note:  This tart pie goes wonderfully with sweetened whipped cream and/or candied pecans, if desired.


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21 Responses to Cranapple Pie

  1. I think I can give positive answers to some of your question especially when it comes to eating pie for breakfast :))
    Love the addition of cranberries, yum!

  2. Love apple/cranberry combination, it sounds great for a pie! Your pie looks great and delicious.

  3. While I lack your dedication to pie making perfection, I do share a love of pie – and this one sounds amazing!!! And yes, I love pie for breakfast :-)

  4. Tiffany says:

    What a great pie for the upcoming holiday season!

  5. How unfortunate that no one else would appreciate these in your house!! I’d help you eat the lot, they’re my favorite. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bestfoodies says:

    The pie is so pretty, I love that you took extra time and put the hearts on it! I never thought of putting cranberries in apple pie but it sounds amazing!

  7. sarah says:

    I love everything about this! And I’m thinking I might be falling into the “pie-crazy” category. Although I don’t ever think I’ll get a good crust recipe down. Those all-butter ones are quite finicky…

  8. Hi Kate! I also take it seriously about pies but in my case I am not a baker so I’m just picky about which pastry shop has great pies. 😉 Cranberries and apple is a good combination. I’d love to have some of your pies… you must bake really good ones!

  9. Parsley Sage says:

    I am LOVING your commitment to apple pie :) This looks amazing, and the cranberry combo is genius!

  10. I love the combination of apples and cranberries in the fall :) And pie for breakfast? We do that often at my house. It feels like a sneaky, exciting way to start the day…it’s the little things I suppose :)

  11. Did you make all of these pies in one weekend??? I’ve experimented with a lot of techniques. I’ve even heard some people cook their fruit a bit before putting it in their crust. Cranapple is my favorite juice! So I most definitely will have to try this in a pie. And for me…it’s a butter crust all the way baby!!! Your pie is just beautiful, Kate! ;- )

  12. Wanted to answer your question about my risotto. You could omit the sausage and it would still be really good. I used chicken and beef stocks though, so you would probably switch to veggie stock. Then you could add in peas or asparagus as well. You could really do anything you want!!

  13. Ann says:

    I agree with you on so many levels! Pie is truly an art form! This pie filling is absolutely amazing! I’d LOVE to use the spiced rum, but I have a cinnamon allergy, so I think I’d use bourbon instead…

    BRAVO, Kate! This is really incredible!

    • Thanks, Ann. I’m so glad you like it. Bourbon! What a great idea, an incredible option for those with spice allergies.

      I actually tried not to add any cinnamon (I was actually, specifically, thinking about how you said you have a cinnamon allergy) but I guess I added it inadvertently in the end anyway. lol. I can’t get away from the stuff!

      Anyway, glad you’re able to adapt it to your liking, bourbon is a great idea. Thanks for the tip. :)

  14. Kris says:

    Thanks, Kate! Can’t wait to try this. Went to the orchard yesterday!

  15. That looks ridiculously good!

  16. Apple and cramberries, never think about that combinations, but look wonderful.
    I understand your “obsession”, I tried several crust recipes until I finally decide for two fo them, depends on the filling of the pie.
    Your looks wonderful.

  17. Nothing wrong with being obsessed, that is one way to insure perfection-continue to make them. This one does look amazing! Apples and cranberries are a welcome combination in this house. Yum!

  18. Yum!! What a great pie! So cool it is on – Congratulations!!

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