Creamy Thyme Sauce

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  This is a really simple béchamel sauce that I added only a few ingredients to, this evening.  It’s easy and it’s fast and it goes wonderfully over vegetables, pasta and chicken.  If you don’t have garlic powder and thyme, I promise they’re worth buying, since they’re very versatile.  The recipe’s composition is merely simple […]

Deep Dish


It all started innocently enough, when I started thinking about pizza.  I know I know.  It happens to me a lot lately.  This is probably one of the last pizza-like posts I will be doing for a while. Anyway, I started thinking about pizza as a tart.  Isn’t that sort of what it is?  Then […]

5 Years Ago and Some Chocolate Cake


Five Years Ago Today… I met you and my heart nearly burst when I finally got to hold you in my arms. You taught me about ninjas, cowboys, space aliens, superheroes and dragon fighting. You had a lot of hair, which was adorably hilarious, by the way. I had never seen so much hair on […]

A Sweet Indulgence: Cream Puffs


This has been lightened and simplified from the typical frenchy-french type of recipe. It’s easy, and it’s so delicious.  If you have anyone within five yards of you while you’re making these, they grab a spoon and dive right in  - that’s instant portion control….just roll with it. I made the pastry shells and hollowed […]

Pasta Peperonata

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Why is it that I find it annoying for people to lecture about eating right and healthy unless they’re Jamie Oliver?  Is it the British accent? hmmm….well, anyway…  I love his recipes, I love that it’s always minimalistic but delicious, I love that it’s easy for home-cooks to grasp.  I especially love that his dishes are never over the top […]