Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings

So, what I’ve noticed lately is that people love easy stuff.  They do, it’s true.  Who can blame them?  I love easy stuff too.  Simple is always better than complicated, especially when most of the United States is under an extreme heat wave.  It’s going to be about 120 degrees in the sun here on the east coast today and mind you, this is not a “dry heat”.  This is the oppressive, disgusting humid, ridiculous kind of heat that no human being could ever possibly enjoy unless completely drenched in freezing cold water, which also doesn’t sound very fun to me.  So, today…I will let the kids go outside in the shade for about an hour tops while I slather them with sunscreen nearly obsessively and then we will enjoy ourselves in the air conditioning doing fun things to keep our minds off of it.


I just got an air conditioner in the kitchen.  Thanks to Mike, my husband for that.   He knows I get very grouchy when it’s too hot to cook and my hair gets frizzy and gross – again not fun.  So, to say thank you to him for the air conditioner and so many other wonderful things he does for us, I made these beer and lime battered onion rings topped with black pepper.  They’re easy and they’re fried and they’re delicious.  Just be sure to stay hydrated.  They’re best eaten after the sun goes down and everything cools off a bit.

Have these with a beer, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after!


Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings

  • 1 very large sweet summer onion of your choice (or two medium onions of your choice)
  • 1 1/3 cup flour + additional 2 cups  (in baking dish) for coating
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt or kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper + a light dusting more for garnish
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)
  • 1/8 teaspoon dried cilantro (optional)
  • 3/4 cup beer
  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1 egg (beaten)

You will need a pot that is large & tall (if you want to reduce splatter without a splatter guard) with 3 inches of canola oil in the bottom and one gallon sized zipper bag or storage container.

  1. Remove root ends and outer skin from onions and slice into rings.  Remove inner rings and set aside/store in air tight container for use in another recipe.
  2. Next, add flour, salt, pepper, beer and lime juice to a ziploc bag (or air tight container with lid).  Mix it up and then taste the batter (season to your taste if necessary) then add the beaten egg and mix shake, squish mix it up again.
  3. Drop the additional 2 cups of flour in a baking dish.
  4. PREHEAT: Place pot with oil over medium high heat.
  5. Drop the sliced onions into the batter bag.  Shake it up!
  6. Next, fish them out of the batter with a fork and drop them into the baking dish with the flour. Set each one aside and bring next to preheated oil.
  7. Using long tongs pick up one onion ring and dip into preheated oil.  If it doesn’t bubble like crazy…wait a few minutes until oil is hot enough.
  8. When oil is hot enough, drop prepared onions into the hot oil in batches of about 4-5 rings.  Remove the rings when golden brown and place on plate with paper towels.  Continue to do this with the other rings until complete.
  9. Drizzle fried onion rings with fresh lime juice and dust with black pepper.

Enjoy with a beer and friends and family.

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24 Responses to Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings

  1. Num Num!!! I love onion rings and am sad to say I’ve never tried making them myself! I just might have to give this a whirl!

  2. Liz says:

    Fabulous! I adore onion rings…but I’m scared I’d eat the whole batch myself! SO tempting~

  3. What a great wife! Onion Rings as a Thank you. My husband would certainly like that. They look delicious! I love adding salt before I eat my onion rings. Now I am thinking a little lime would be great!

  4. Anonymous says:

    In North Carolina, my hair is pretty much fuzzy and gross from March to November! LOL! And I LOVE easy stuff… more more than easy stuff, I love TASTY stuff like these onion rings!

  5. Kim Bee says:

    These look delish. My daughter loves onion rings. Congrats on top 9 for these.

  6. Ann says:

    Congratulations on making the Top 9 – well deserved!

  7. WOOOOOT! CONGRATS on TOP 9!!! You soooo deserve it…these onion rings are awesome!

  8. Peggy says:

    Oh these sounds tasty! Love the addition of lime in the batter – definitely unique =)

  9. Chef Dennis says:

    Hi Kate
    those onion rings look so very very good! Everyone loves onion rings but for some reason you just never take the time to make them at home. Thanks for the little push, I know my wife is going to love these!

  10. Kate, this is a gorgeous gorgeous recipe! My husband has been asking me to make onion rings, and I never got around to it… I just have to try this! LOVE the flavors… Thanks for sharing :)

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  12. Oooh-I cannot wait to try these! The flavor additions are awesome and I am an onion ring fan-great pics.

  13. Ann says:

    Those sound amazing! Stay cool and hydrated in this heat… I LOVE the idea of lime with the onion rings!

  14. I absolutely LOVE onion rings! What a great idea to put lime in with the batter!

  15. kankana says:

    I know beer makes a batter nice but with that lime .. that’s an awsm tang!

  16. The beer batter looks awesome, I’m going to be craving onion rings now!

  17. I work in a restaurant kitchen that has a little AC but it has been a tough time but it is July so I need to suck it up a little. I have worked in some places that were too hot in February….. I love the idea of lime in the onion rings..

  18. Michelle says:

    OMG these are mouth watering. Buzzed.

  19. This is making my mouth water!!

  20. Carolyn says:

    Yay for AC in the kitchen. Even with central air, it often seems too toasty to have the oven on for long in my kitchen. I don’t know how you did it!
    These onion rings look amazing. I’ve never made onion rings at home but now I am tempted to try.

  21. Susie says:

    I really do like a good onion ring. These sound great. It’s been humid and gross here in Seattle so my hair is a frizzy mess daily.

  22. Ooo, I love me some onion rings and that combination sounds awesome!

  23. These sound so wonderful!!! Great combo, I bet!

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