Spinach Caprese Salad

spinach capresesalad

Is there anything simpler? Is there anything more magnificent? Can you think of anything more elegantly and naturally perfect? There’s not much to say about a beautiful caprese salad and yet there’s everything to say about it. There are very few flavor combinations like mozzarella, tomato and basil, in my opinion. Whether it’s raw or cooked, it […]

House Cake


I admittedly have found very few recipes that rival the ease of cake mix in that time crunched “I need a cake!” moment.  If you’re one of my super awesome loyal readers, you’ll know that I rarely do cake recipes.  The reason for that is  that I have tiny, little kids with a ridiculous amount of energy.  The dishes, […]

Beer & Lime Battered Onion Rings


So, what I’ve noticed lately is that people love easy stuff.  They do, it’s true.  Who can blame them?  I love easy stuff too.  Simple is always better than complicated, especially when most of the United States is under an extreme heat wave.  It’s going to be about 120 degrees in the sun here on […]

Simple & Decadent Salted Caramel Popcorn

salted caramel corn

I love the warm aroma of the freshly popped popcorn and rich, buttery, dark brown sugary, delicious caramel as it meanders throughout our home. It’s the airy essence of your favorite family summer getaway and personally reminds me of the confectionery shop at our favorite shore locale and the one on Main Street at Disney World.  It […]

Wrapped: Southwest Style Vegetables with Summer Salsa.

Southwest Grilled Veggie Wrap

    Summer is not my favorite season. There’s humidity and bugs and sunburn and bathing suits. Really, who’s a fan of those things? Summer does have some redeeming qualities, though, particularly when it comes to vegetarian cuisine and grilling. This particular dish is a definite highlight of my summer. I sometimes do this on the […]

Burger Pickles


No barbecue should be without pickles, it’s sort of an unwritten law of backyard barbecue entertaining.  Homemade pickles add intrigue and maybe even an element of (dare I say…) gourmet sophistication to your simple backyard barbecue. Not only are homemade pickles (pickled cucumbers, to be specific) delicious, they’re also an excellent point of interest.  Pickling is an easy (really […]