Banana Biter Biscuits for Tots

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  “Where did you go….Maaaaaax?  OH MY! (Max grins –  a very proud moment of autonomy for him) How did you get up there?!?!  Oh dear.  Climbing, now, oh boy.  Well…you are good at climbing.  So there’s the bright side.  That’s fun…on top of teething too.  Well, you’re an official toddler, now aren’t you? Where does the time go?” […]

Not Just A Sandwich..

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Ok, well…technically it is just a sandwich.  But, this sandwich is my favorite salad on a sandwich and my lunch.  It’s crisp, fresh romaine and english cucumber slices with fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and balsamic cherries.  I had some of that semolina bread I make, on hand.  I lightly toasted the bread for some extra crunch and […]

Guest Post: More Than A Mount Full

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 Chef Dennis has awarded me the opportunity to guest post on his blog, More Than A Mount Full .  You get to learn about me. Kate..that’s me…hi! and Kate from Scratch   …mmmm food and the best ravioli recipe ever.  Head on over to find out more!

Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes

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  I had the craziest dream the other night.  I normally don’t remember my dreams, but this one was particularly weird.  My dreams are generally pretty boring, about deadlines and people being mad at me because I forgot to do something.  Pretty boring, like I said. This dream I had the other night though, was oddly action-packed and star-studded.  […]

Blueberry Pancakes!


    This is not one of my research projects. It’s just pancakes.  You’ve probably made them before.  However, I have a few tips to share with you. 1.  Never chop up your berries.  I know they’re a little bulky, but when they heat in the batter on the pan, and then hit your mouth […]

Rollatini di Melanzane Parmigiano

eggplant rollatini

  Eggplant is a tricky bugger of a vegetable.  It has a bit of an attitude problem which needs to be adjusted via salt and rolling-pin beat-down.  I bought this new cookbook that I am in love with and I want to share with you, the only classic eggplant rollatini recipe that I will ever use for the rest of my […]