Nothing Soup

I woke up and it was spring, not just spring, but, 88 degrees in the house by 6 in the evening and hot and humid.   I wasn’t ready for spring.  Did I mention it was snowing last week?  Maybe that has something to do with my lack of preparedness.  For me, spring means spring cleaning, which is impossible with an (almost) toddler.   Having a toddler means it rains Cheerios and other tiny crumbed snacks, all the time, day and night.  Vacuuming three times a day still isn’t enough.  It’s like trying to keep up with a really cute Tasmanian devil.  

Here in the tri-state area, we have two types of weather, predominantly.  We have humid and we have snow.  Fall is the best season.  In the fall, we still have the wonderful summer produce available, but it’s cool and the  leaves are gorgeous and nobody wants you to eat asparagus, just warm, wonderfully sweet things like pumpkin and squash.  Autumn is my favorite season.  But, to get to that, we have to get through the hot and the humid.  This means, I better clean up my act.

I feel sluggish and tired and whiny about it being hot and humid.  Where’s my spring fever?  This weather usually makes people bounce around like gummy bears!  I never understood that.  But, I guess I’m outnumbered and I need to get in gear.  I need to eat some nothing soup.  The soup that has absolutely nothing bad in it and only good stuff in it.  It’s spring cleaning for my brain. Vegan?  yes.  Gluten-free?  I assume it’s gluten-free, since there’s nothing in it.  Carrots are gluten free, right?  Naturally filling with practically a negative amount of calories?  Yes, please.  It’s also guilt-free and worry-free.  It’s “nothing soup”, so it’s ok.  You could eat 3 pots full, if you wanted.  You probably won’t want to, but I guess you could.


I eat it and it makes my brain less crazy.   Then I clean.  Clean the brain, clean the house.   It’s Spring.  

An added bonus:  I made this yesterday and Trey ate it and raved about it.  I don’t know how.  I don’t know why.  But he did, so I tried not to question it.  Maybe he loves nothing too. 

“Nothing Soup”

Clear soup with escarole and broccoli Raab

  • 2 cups, chopped onion
  • 2 cups, chopped carrots
  • 2 cups, chopped celery
  • fine sea salt – to taste
  • 1 tbs.,  roasted garlic, minced, (substitute raw minced garlic, if you prefer) 
  • 2 quarts, vegetable stock 
  • 2 cups, chopped escarole
  • 1.5 cups, chopped broccoli raab
  • 1/2 cup chopped basil
  • 1/2 cup chopped parsley
  • ground pepper – to taste

1.   In large stock pot on high heat, add onion, carrots, and celery.  Add a generous sprinkle of sea salt.  Stir.

2.   When onions are translucent, add garlic and vegetable stock.  Stir. Taste.  Salt to taste.  

3.   Add escarole, broccoli raab, basil & parsley.  Stir.  Taste.  Salt and pepper to taste. 


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19 thoughts on “Nothing Soup

  1. Oh this looks wonderful! It may be a nothing soup, but it’s the perfect thing for winter instead of a high calorie lunch. I’m definitely going to have to make a pot of this up. I would imagine it would freeze alright for a while?

    • Oh, yes. Soup is one of those magical things that freezes phenomenally. Just place it in a freezer bag or small container and thaw it in the fridge. Smaller portions mean easier thawing. You can always have two. ;)

  2. Nothing looks pretty awesome to me! Sometimes you need to just cleanse yourself with something light and satisfying like this. My favorite seasons are spring and fall. I HATE the hot humid summer, and the horribly cold winter. Ready for some happy middle ground.

  3. I totally loved reading this post, especially about the raining cheerios and people bouncing like gummy bears! And the soup looks great (good timing, I was actually craving soup, other than chicken, the other day).

  4. Yesterday’s weather was just so strange. Way too hot and humid considering we still have piles of snow in all the parking lots. This looks like a great soup for bathing suit shopping season.

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