1stcanadianpharmacyy.com Review – Internet Drugstore with a 0% Trusting Rate

1stcanadianpharmacyy.com used to be a virtual pharmacy in the supply of both branded and generic medicines. Its clients around the globe would enjoy purchases for the treatment of allergies, bacterial infections Erectile Dysfunction, Obesity, Diabetes, skin disorders among other common ailments. Its main assortment was impotence remedies that seemed to live up their slogan on ‘Highest quality at the lowest price’ because a pill of Generic Cialis was as cheap as $1.10 while that of its branded twin used to be $ 10.56. Generic Viagra used to be sold at $0.87 while its branded version went for $ 9.52 others that constituted of the display shelves for being the most sold were, Levita, Clomid, Xenical, Cipro, Zithromax and a few others. I would be biased to comment on the quality and safety of these drugs since it was not indicated on who manufactures them and neither was there an indication of their FDA approval all I know is that the latter part of their slogan blends well with their prices.

Customers of 1st Canadian PharmacyY e-store used to air their inquiries to the client’s support team using the two phone numbers provided on its website; one was for the United Kingdom while the other one was for the United States. For those who preferred conversing via an email contact form, it was also within their reach. Information concerning its means of payment was not readily available from the web archives as all I can tell is their use of credit cards borrowing from their security policy on stringently using the details provided for the intended purpose. Some navigation hints were available as shipping used to be done through the unregistered international airmail which was approximated to take (2-3) weeks. I would have wished to ask about the charges that accompanied the delivery and the issue of an alternative transportation only that the store was off the market. 1st Canadian PharmacyY return policy was eligible to clients who failed to receive their orders thirty days past the dispatching date. It would inform of a cash refund within a week or a free reshipment, however, no information was relayed concerning faulty packages other than the store refusing to take them back. I was happy to realize that the ‘Testimonials’ tab was at my disposal from its web remains as nothing enlightens me on the quality of 1stCanadianPharmacyY more than hearing from the consumers’ perspectives.

1stcanadianpharmacyy.com Reviews

The first review came from a forty-five-year-old called Fabio who was confessing to having managed in getting a cure without spending lots of money an experience he termed to be ‘worthwhile.

Tom, a forty-four-year-old, was pleased with the price of the drugs he had bought stating that it was in line with the value of the drugs making one not to consider purchasing them elsewhere.

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Tiffany at the age of 35 published her comment stating that the site was in the provision of a wide range of products at the most affordable prices in the market something she admitted to having never come across before.

The first two comments jogged my memory as I had encountered them before on the websites of a few vendors. After I made affirmations that indeed they were duplicated from those sites without any alterations my moods sunk. I felt so hurt that this seller used to be in the business of manipulating the reviews so as to lure buyers. How I wish serious measures are taken to such dealers to stop the unethical practice.

1stcanadianpharmacyy.com Reviews 2016

I made the decision of consulting some more from the scam consultants, and my first utility was the scamner.com. It rated 1stCanadianPharmacyY e-shop (0 out of 100) % concerning its ability to be safe for its users in both browsing and shopping. More was that the store had been marked to be a scam and that the email and contact details offered by the site were not paid for thus showing some incompetence.

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My second scam analyzer was the scamadviser.com where the e-store was said to have had a small trust rate of (0 out of 100) %. The United States-based pharmacy had reported being in the list of rogue pharmacy. Additionally, it was said to be a malware from some of its users.

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Now that I had my facts right, it was evident the owners failed to renew their expired domain in 2016 where it seized its operations. After all the scam advisers had discouraged users from transacting with it making its few visitors to grow a pair of wings; A situation that must have made the business to become unbearable.  Besides what good is a business without customers?

1stcanadianpharmacyy.com Coupon Codes

1stcanadianpharmacyy.com kept its silence regarding promotional discounts and coupon codes. By this, I mean that no trace of their availability on the remains of its website. Unlike most e-warehouses whose main assortment is infertility recopies, this particular store lacked issuing free extra pills to accompany such orders.

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The site was unique in providing a free unregistered international airmail shipping to all its clients worldwide. The reason as to why I term it to be exceptional is applied to all orders while others offer it with certain order amounts.


1stcanadianpharmacyy.com had been in possession of fake reviews in addition to that it had been listed among the rogue pharmacies. More so, the scam analyzers considered it to be unsafe for its customers thus awarding it (0 out of 100) % trust rate. More so it had been said to be a malware to some of its users and lacked efforts to renew the expiry of its domain in 2015. My logical rate for 1stcanadianpharmacyy.com is a 1-star out of 5.